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12/17/14 Odessa, TX 1/2-10 rodeo, slack changed to Jan 5 8:00am following SW & TD.
12/17/14 Acampo, CA 12/21 barrel races, cancelled.
12/12/14 Houston, TX 3/3-21 rodeo, approved.

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- 12/26-28 CARTHAGE, MO
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WPRA WNFR Saddle Rotation Program
The WPRA deeply appreciates our donors in the Saddle Rotation program. This program provides a saddle to each WNFR Qualifier, as well as provides a saddle recognizing the Fastest Time, Rookie of the Year and the Reserve World Champion. Watch below and click for more information.

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WPRA General Membership Meeting Notes - February 13, 2012

Topics Covered at the General Membership Meetings

San Angelo/ Kissimmee/Okeechobee

I. How your association looks
- Financials for 2011 are very good. The association continues to earn a profit and be able to put away funds for investments in WPRA programs and membership.
- Membership numbers are consistent, which is a good story in a rough economy.
- The number of sanctioned rodeos stays consistent, which again is a good story in a rough economy. In addition, Doreen Wintermute has brought back several rodeos to the PRCA. Her efforts are appreciated.
- The WPRA is in a great position for 2012.

II. Goals for 2012

A. Ensuring "fair competition" at rodeos.
- Judges Continued Education: For the last 3 years, the WPRA has designated one person, Laura Lambert, to be a consistent liaison for the PRCA judges. Laura is available to answer their calls and attends their seminars. The PRCA has told us they are very pleased with the approach and the knowledge being shared.
- Eye Program: We have 3 sets of stackable eyes for larger added $ events which was donated by an anonymous donor. We also have a member who is actively working on getting a sponsor/donation for a formal eye program with stock contractors and committees.
- Ground Education: The WPRA implemented a success Ground Education seminar at the PRCA convention in Las Vegas. Over 125 committee representatives listened to our experts who discussed ground preparation, soil analysis, tools to use and ground preparation timing.

B. Providing opportunities for members to earn money & recognition.
- All American Finals Bonus $25,000 (Sponsorship secured)
- Wrangler Tour Bonus Program: We are actively in dialog with Wrangler
- RNCFR: The WPRA delivers over $48,000 between added $, jackets, stall, back #, etc.
- Circuit Finals: The WPRA delivers over $68,000 ($3,000 in added $ and $2,700 in awards per circuit).
- Omaha Finale: The WPRA delivers $14,740 and we are working on more
- WPRA World Finals: The WPRA delivers $80,000 added $, though it is important to understand that thru Entry fees, sponsorship and other, the event earns a profit which can eventually be channeled in to funding other items for the WPRA

C. Providing Member Support
- Looking at a Rodeo Pay like solution
- Mobile application for schedule/results/standings
- Expanding web site and Facebook activities

Combined comments from the meetings:

- A mobile application will help those members whose iPhones cannot access the most current schedules, results, etc. They commented the magazine cannot keep up with the latest information nor is it with them all the time. Jimmie asked them to please check out the WPRA Facebook page, as we are posting Entry Open information.
- Some members are concerned about the # of turn outs/releases at a rodeo, particularly in a performance. One member, at San Angelo gave Jimmie a rule proposal regarding creating a 30-hour release policy for non-limited entry rodeos. We will discuss it with Procom for viability.
- During the discussion regarding limited entry rodeos, the question came up about trying to increase limits, whether at Houston, Austin, etc.
- Some one asked if we could allow members who are renewing their membership to pay on the phone by credit card and allow a grace period for the paper work to follow. This member thinks this is how the PRCA handles renewals, especially if they can't get their paperwork in before the member dues date. We will explore with our office and attorney.
- In Kissimmee, there was a discussion about the ground situation in Alexandria, LA and the decision to call off the barrel race. Members expressed appreciation that the barrel race was called off due to safety concerns. But they also felt there needed to be a policy regarding future approval of the rodeo (and others with a history of bad ground) and some sort of recognition that they got there (many hauling a long distance) and could not compete. Jimmie said Doreen had already requested to have a discussion about the situation at the next Board meeting.
- In Kissimmee, there was a request that Directors try to move slack to the weekend if possible at certain rodeos. Several rodeos that have performances on the weekend have slack on Thursday and Friday. This makes it very hard for those who don't get into a performance, as they have to take several days off from work to get to slack.

The WPRA wishes to thank our generous sponsors and asks you to please check out their websites and learn about their product offers!
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