2016 WPRA CA Circuit Qualifying Tour Rodeos


Marguerite Happy

WPRA CA Circuit Members, I will be submitting my recommendations for 2016 WPRA CA Circuit Qualifying Tour Rodeos on September 18th and would like some input from my members. The five chosen for 2015 were:

•   Kern County Sheriff's Reserve Stampede Days Bakersfield May
•   Santa Maria Elks Rodeo May
•   California Rodeo Salinas July
•   Norco Mounted Posse Rodeo August
•   Poway Rodeo September

WPRA Qualifying Tour
How and Where Are the Tour Standings used?
The WPRA Tour Standings are used at many approved limited entry rodeos. As a matter of policy, the WPRA strongly encourages all limited entry rodeos to include the WPRA Tour Standings as one of their qualifiers. By including the WPRA Tour, it provided an opportunity for a wider range of our member to participate and possibly gain entry to a limited entry rodeo.

To receive points in the WPRA Tour Standings, you must be a current WPRA card member before the competition begins.

The WPRA Tour includes selected rodeos between October 1 and September 30th; of the competition year.

Number of Rodeos/Events:
The WPRA Tour is made up of a total of 65 rodeos/events. There are 65 rodeos across the US (5 from each Circuit and Canada)

Type of Rodeos/Events:
Rodeos selected to be part of the WPRA Tour are: 1 round or multiple rounds. Limited entry rodeos are not a part of the 65 identified in the program. They must be unlimited! In the case of a rodeo with multiple rounds, points will be allocated based on the average only.

WPRA Tour Standings:
The WPRA Tour standings will be point based and will count from your best 7 results (out of the 65 possible qualifying rodeos) where one competed and won money up to and including the 16th position. There is no minimum or maximum number of rodeos/events required.

There is a 15 point scale, with points allocations from 15 points (for 1st place money) to 1 point (for 15th place money). No more than 15 positions are awarded to money winners only, i.e. if a rodeo only pays 12 places, then first gets 15 points and 12th gets 4 points.

Points in the WPRA Qualifying Tour standings will count from your best 7 rodeos/events where you have competed and won money.

Tie Breaking Method:
Ties in the WPRA Qualifying Tour Standings will be broken by looking at total money won at your best 7 point rodeos/events.

To choose the 5 2016 WPRA Qualifying Tour Rodeos I look at the following criteria:
•   Unlimited Entry
•   Great Committee
•   Parking for all
•   Safe, consistent, fair ground

Please get back to me if you would like to recommend 5 CA rodeos for 2016.


Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
30370 Bouquet Cyn. Rd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91390

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