ALERT - All California Rodeo Salinas Barrel Racers

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Alert Message

The WPRA CA Circuit holds an annual sidepot for all entries of the barrel race:

Jeff Freitas has set up an online entry for the sidepot this year. The link can be found on his video website, click on the Salinas Rodeo Sidepot link on the left. The direct link is

As a side note, online entries are $26.25 due to bank fees.

Girls may pay online with PayPal, debit or credit card.

Also, this year we will be running the sidepot in Rodeogo, allowing us to have results available online to view.

You may also get entry blanks from Marguerite Happy, Betty Breaux, Patti Silva or Stacey Freitas at the Rodeo. You must be paid prior to each of your go round runs.


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