Board of Directors Meeting


Marguerite Happy

Your Board of Directors met in Las Vegas during the WNFR this past December and conducted one of our annual “in person” Board Meetings.  The NFR Ground was exceptional and we are grateful for a team effort that helped to make this change successful.  

One of the most exciting pieces of news that I have recently shared is historical!

Beginning this year:  2017 Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame will begin inducting WPRA past World Champions and Notables.  There are few woman (approx 9) inducted at this point under “Contract Personnel, Stock Contractor, Notables/Lifetime Achievement”. The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, CO will include a showcase of WPRA Legends.  The WPRA is accepting nominations and must be submitted by February 24th to be considered for 2017.  Don’t stress if you miss that deadline; anything submitted after 2-24-17 will be considered for 2018.  The WPRA has its own “confidential” Nomination Committee.  This may be the year you decide to attend the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Induction to witness this inaugural event!

The WPRA holds a Star Celebration each year during the NFR and we acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond in their respected category.    I was pleased with all who were recognized and proud to announce that Tina Daries received The Outstanding Individual Award and Katharine Ross-Elliott was the recipient of The Lenora Reimers’ Heritage Award; both of these fine woman from California were on hand to receive their Awards; recognizing each for their loyalty, dedication and support to the WPRA.

photoFirst Place Winners
Photo by Kenneth Springer

Justin Boots Company sponsors the Justin Best Footing Awards each year.  Each Circuit recognizes committees that put forth extra efforts, ensuring safe, consistent ground conditions at their rodeo. Barrel Racing contestants and their horses run on a level playing field, no matter how the “draw up”.

The Justine Best Footing prize structure:

1st Place winners receive $1,000 cash award, plaque and Justin Certificate redeemable for one pair of Justin smooth ostrich or lizard boots.

2nd Place winners receive a $500 cash award and plaque.

3rd Place winners receive a $350 cash award and plaque.

Most Improved winners receive a plaque

All receive recognition and “bragging” rights~

California Rodeos are tough to choose from; we are blessed with committees who care and do their best to ensure safe and fair conditions.  The CA CIrcuit members are asked to vote at the end of each season.

2016 CA Circuit winners were:

1st Place-California Rodeo Salinas; Salinas, CA

2nd Place-Norco Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo; Norco, CA

3rd Place-Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo; Castro Valley/Hayward, CA

Most Improved-Stonyford Rodeo; Stonyford, CA

Each of these committees were grateful for the recognition; thank you to all who voted!

Mark your calender-Circuit Finals date is scheduled for 10/13/17 - 10/14/17 in Lancaster at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds.  Remember that to be eligible for the CA CIrcuit FInals you must have a WPRA Card, compete at 13 CA Rodeos for residents, 15 CA Rodeos for non residents, top 12 who enter CCF.  Co-approved Rodeos will only count money won, co-approved rodeos do not count towards rodeo count.  

Although our National year begins 10/1/16 and ends 9/30/17; the cut off date for CA Circuit Rodeo count/money won will be 30 days prior to our Circuit Finals 10/13.  The end of our 2017 Circuit Year would be 9/13/17.  Any CA Circuit Rodeos you compete at after 9/13/17 will count toward your 2018 Circuit Finals.  

This can be confusing; so don’t be afraid to call to clarify this information. Don’t be caught short because you did not understand this rule.  Know how to “enter” a Rodeo; make a call to one of our many “veterans” and they would certainly be happy to help you.

No matter if you set goals to qualify for the Circuit, Divisional, Permit, or Junior Finals; remember it is up to you to keep track of where you compete and of your winnings from each event.  If you don’t see accurate winnings on our official site make a call to your Director and the office to contest the amount.

Speaking of rules, be sure to carry your rule book with you and know our rules. (2017 Rule Book is available on the official website as well.)  WPRA Rules change yearly so don’t take for granted that you know what they are unless you read the rule book each year.  Kelsey at the WPRA office is a wonderful contact regarding rules; as is your Circuit Director.

I have greatly enjoyed serving as your CA Circuit Director and could not have done it with out the help of my Spokeswoman, Marilyn Peterson, who edits all of my newsletters,  and all who stepped up to the plate when called upon. Our sponsors made it possible to offer Awards to every category, recognizing their efforts.  Rodeo Committees, Stock Contractors, Rodeo Secretaries, Rodeo Judges, Barrel Racing Producers, Volunteers have each played a significant role in our success and I appreciate them for their help.  Our WPRA National office crew is hard working and amazing; as is our Board of Directors who are there to guarantee WPRA’s continued success.

Good luck to Stacy Freitas and Lita Scott who are running for CA Circuit Director. Once one of these two talented ladies has been voted into office they will take over all duties.  I will remain available to answer questions and help in any way I am able as I believe in the future of the WPRA and all it has to offer.

Be sure to take the time to vote and have your voice heard.

It will be up to your future Director to choose where and when your Divisional Finals will be held and if you will continue to enjoy a Permit and Junior Finals.  She will also determine if Futurity 1D, 2D, Derby and Ropers in CA will be recognized.

Be sure to stay current on your Circuit News by familiarizing yourself with the official WPRA website and your Circuit Page.

I thank you for entrusting the duties of our amazing Circuit to me these past two terms.  I have greatly enjoyed this honor and am humbled to have been of service.

Blessings to each of you,

Marguerite Happy

WPRA CA Circuit Director

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