CA Circuit Divisional Finals Information 2016


Marguerite Happy

WPRA CA Circuit will hold its annual Divisional Finals at Spurr Ranch, Shandon, CA, on Saturday, November 5, 2016.   Our CA Circuit Divisional Finals will consist of 3 Finals races: the Divisional Finals, the Permit Finals and the Junior Finals. The Divisional Finals will consist of the Top 12 WPRA Cardholders, counting ONLY money won at WPRA approved co-sanctioned races within the California Circuit. The Permit Finals will consist of the Top 12 Permit holders counting money won at rodeos AND co-sanctioned events within the California Circuit. The Juniors Finals will consist of the Top 12 WPRA CA Circuit Junior members, counting all money won at WPRA approved CA Circuit events. Money won will be counted from October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016.    The top 12 WPRA entered in each Finals; totaling 36 runners will compete against each other for the chance of winning the “CDF Fast Time” Cactus Trophy Saddle Gift Certificate; generously sponsored by Cactus Saddlery.                                                 

Katie Pascoe who entered in the Permit Finals was our 2015 winner.   Although in California we offer Divisional, Permit, and Junior Finals; they may all be referred to as the “California Divisional Finals”.

You must ENTER the CA Divisional Finals in order to compete. If you do not enter, you cannot compete! Entries will be open Saturday, October 15th, from 8am to 10am, and then from 4pm to 6pm. Call Marilyn Peterson to enter the Finals: 805.441.9715. You must speak with Marilyn directly; do not leave a message as your entry. You must get a confirmation number from Marilyn when you enter. You must pay your entry fees to the Spurr Ranch Office no later than 11 AM on November 5th or you will be disqualified from the Finals, and the next qualifier who HAS ENTERED the Finals, is on the grounds, and wants to compete will be moved into your position.  If you choose to pre-enter the 2016 Spurr Ranch Barrel Challenge, you can send your Finals entry fees to Spurr Ranch PO Box 1920 Paso Robles, CA 93447. Pre-entries must be postmarked by Spurr Ranch deadline for entries for their Open 4-D and other races, but you must make a separate check for your Finals entry payable to:  WPRA CA Circuit.    If for any reason you are unable to compete in the Finals once you have paid your entry fees, your entry fees will be refunded if a replacement can be found, minus a $25.00 Office Fee.  If you entered but cannot compete, call Marilyn Peterson immediately at 805.441.9715 so she can notify the next qualifier that they will be able to compete in the Finals race.  If you enter and are a Turn Out, Non Notified Turn Out or Vet Release and we have not “filled” your spot; you will be liable for all entry fees.  You must compete in Finals to receive Awards.

YOU MUST SELL YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR AWARDS!  Each contestant must sell a minimum of 12 raffle tickets at $10 each (or pay $120) in order to receive awards in each division.    You must sell your raffle tickets and send the money to Kaci Shaffer postmarked by September 15th, or you will be required to pay a $50 Late Fee to receive your awards. Send your Raffle Ticket money postmarked by 9/15 to: Kaci Schaffer 3611 Jenkins Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93314. Phone:  661-304-5362, email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..    If you choose not to pay your $120 until you come to the Finals, you will need to give a check/cash to Marilyn Peterson in the amount of $170 ($120 plus $50 late charge) by 11 AM on November 7 (same as deadline for payment of your entry fees). If you fail to pay your $170 Awards Qualification money to Marilyn by 11 AM on November 7th, you will not be eligible to receive any of your awards.

Divisional Finals Guiding Rule Policy points:

*Year-end cutoff date is September 30th, 2016. 

*Each race will be one round only. 

*There will be a straight WPRA payout based on fastest times run (no “Divisions”).  Pay Out Scale. 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%.            

* Receiving Awards: The qualifier must have entered and competed at the Divisional, Permit, or Junior Finals to receive their awards. Must be present in WPRA Dress Code to receive Awards at the CA Circuit Divisional Awards Ceremony, which will follow the end of the Awards Ceremony for the West Coast Barrel Racing Open Race on November 5th.  In case of Emergency situation; contact your Director.


*Divisional Finals Race: The Divisional Finals Race will have $1,500 added money, generously sponsored by Wrangler. Awards will be presented to each contestant in the Divisional Finals, including a CA Circuit Finals Professional Choice jacket, CDF Finals Champ Montana Silversmiths Buckle sponsored by WPRA, CDF Year End Champ Montana Silversmiths Buckle, Best Dressed Award, etc.  Entry Fees will be $55 plus $10 office charge for a total of $65.00.   Each finalist will receive outstanding awards. 

*Permit Finals Race: The Permit Finals will have $800 added money. Marilyn Peterson is actively trying to get sponsors for the Permit added money since we don’t have any outside sponsors for this event.  If you know anyone who would be willing to help with our added money for the Permit Finals, please contact Marilyn.   We have 85 Permits in our Circuit, if each Permit Member donated $10 for the added money and Permit awards, we would have the $800 we need for added money plus extra for Permit awards.  If you are a Permit member willing to help us, please send a check to Marilyn Peterson in the amount of $10 (or whatever you can afford – every donation is greatly appreciated!) Make checks out to WPRA CA CIrcuit; mail to Marilyn Peterson, 9060 San Diego Road, Atascadero, CA 93422.  Championship Montana Silversmiths buckles will be award to the Permit Finals Champion and the Permit Year-End Champion.   Best Dressed Award will be given.  Entry fees will be $50 plus $10 office charge for a total of $60.00.   Each of the 12 Permit Finals contestants will receive outstanding awards, including a CA Circuit Finals Professional Choice Jacket.  Permit contestants must be eligible to compete as a WPRA Permit member as of 9/30/16.   If you win your $1,000 Permit limit, you will either need to (1) Purchase your 2nd Permit with the WPRA for $225, or (2) purchase your WPRA Card effective October 1, 2016.   To receive your maximum benefit for the 2017 Rookie year, you can stay on your Permit through September 30 and purchase your WPRA Card with an effective 10/1/16, which is the beginning date for the 2017 WPRA year.    Permit Standings are posted on the WPRA website on the CA Circuit News. Permits:  Marilyn Peterson is our Permit Advisor.  If you have any questions at all about the Permit Finals, qualifications, purchasing a 2nd Permit vs buying your Card, contact Marilyn.   Phone number is 805.441.9715, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Junior Finals Race: The Junior Finals will have $500 added money. Championship Montana Silversmith buckles will be awarded to the Junior Finals Champion (sponsored by WPRA office) and the Junior Year-End Champion, Reserve Finals Champ, Reserve Year End Champ will receive an award.  Each qualifier will receive a CA Circuit Professional Choice jacket, a Qualifier Buckle to each contestant, and much more.  Best Dressed Award will be given. Entry fees will be $50 plus a $10 office charge, for a total of $60.00.                              

Fast Time Championship Saddle:  This year we are again proud to award a $1,200 Gift Certificate for a Divisional Finals Championship “Fast Time” Trophy Saddle sponsored by Cactus Saddlery.  The Gift Certificate for the Saddle will be given to the contestant who runs the fastest time out of all 3 of our Finals Events (Divisional, Permit or Junior).   This means we will have 36 contestants running, and the one who runs the fastest time of all three Finals events will win the Gift Certificate for our Finals Champion Trophy Saddle.   Our CA Circuit truly appreciates the continued sponsorship and support of Cactus Saddlery!  Ties will be determined by coin flip.

WPRA dress code is required, and you must stay in dress code until after the Awards Presentation and photos have been taken.    You will be required to wear your CA Circuit Jacket for a group picture during the Awards Ceremony for our sponsors. We expect each member to show their pride in WPRA by behaving in a professional and courteous manner.  If for any reason you or anyone that is with you is disrespectful, rude, violent, or otherwise breaks rules in sections 9.2 and 9.3 in our WPRA Rulebook, you will be disqualified from Finals and you will not receive any of your awards and you will be turned in to our WPRA Rules Committee.  Ground rules as posted for the Spurr Ranch Challenge barrel race must also be followed. We will not tolerate an out of control horse at the gate; so please don’t bring one.

The CA Circuit Divisional Finals will be held in conjunction with the WPRA co-sanctioned spectacular $10,000 Added Money Open 4-D Spurr Ranch 2016 Barrel Challenge in Shandon on November 5th.  As in the past, you can enter the Spurr Ranch Open 4-D and have the time you run in the Finals race be the time for your Open race as well (carrying over your time from your Finals Race  to the Open 4-D  race.)   If you enter the Open 4-D, you MUST make your run in the Finals, not within the normal Open draw. Please be sure to tell the Spurr Ranch Office if you are making your run at the Finals so they don't draw a position for you in the Open.  If you have additional horses you want to enter in the Open 4-D, please tell the Office so they can put you in the Open Draw for your additional horses.

The WPRA CA Divisional Finals will begin after the last runner in the 2016 Spurr Ranch Open Barrel Challenge Race.   Our Finals will start with the Divisional Finals, then the Permit Finals, and then the Junior Finals. There will be no special drag for Divisional/Permit/Junior Finals; we will roll right into our Finals (with some announcements), dragging consistently with the Spurr Ranch Barrel Challenge drags.  If you choose NOT to enter the Open 4-D Barrel Race you will run last in the draw for your Finals race.  Positions will be drawn within each Finals race for all contestants who have entered both the Finals and the Open 4-D, and your position will be posted at the Spurr Ranch Office.  WPRA dress code will be required for all contestants in the Finals races.  We are planning a Best Dressed Award in each category this year; so plan your wardrobe accordingly. We will hold our CA Circuit Divisional Awards presentation for each of the Finals races following the completion of the Spurr Ranch Awards Ceremony, which will be held shortly after our Junior Finals race.   We will have WPRA CA Circuit Professional Choice Jackets for each qualifier of the Finals, plus many additional awards. You must have entered, competed and be present at the awards ceremony in WPRA dress code in order to receive your awards.  In addition to awards for the Finals contestants, we will also have awards for the CA Circuit Champion Futurity 1D, 2D, Derby and Ropers.  We hope to obtain additional awards for these categories; if you know of anyone who would like to sponsor awards for these categories please contact Marguerite Happy as soon as possible. 

During the Spurr Ranch Barrel Challenge Open Race we will present the 2016 WPRA CA Circuit True Grit Cowgirl and the 2016 WPRA CA Circuit Pioneer Cowgirl Awards during one of their big drags.  The recipients of these awards will be notified after the voting is completed, and they will be invited to join us as special guests to receive their awards during the Spurr Ranch Barrel Challenge race.

As in the past we will “draw” sold raffle tickets during a big drag during the race.  We will announce the winner of the 2 WNFR Plaza Seats for Sunday, December 4th; fourth performance.  Winner need not be present!

I advise you to pre-order your stalls at Spurr Ranch.  Contact 805-264-1005 for stall reservations.

Important Reminders:

*Each qualifier will be asked to bring 11 gifts to exchange with the girls in their Division. This gift exchange is modeled after the WNFR – each of the Top 15 WPRA barrel racers brings a gift for each of the other contestants.   If you plan on not being a part of this exchange; please contact me so I can let the other qualifiers know they need not purchase a gift for you. These gifts are not intended to be expensive, just thoughtful.  If you want some ideas for gifts, contact Marguerite.

*We will hold our Annual Silent Auction Fundraiser at the Divisional Finals.   Please bring something you can offer to be sold at the Silent Auction.  This is a major fundraiser for Circuit awards, so please bring at least one item if you can.  If you can donate an item to the Silent Auction but you don’t plan to be at the Finals, contact Marguerite and she can help make arrangements to get your item to the Finals.  Thank You Sabrina Wheeler and Patti Silva for your help with this in the past, and your offer to help us this year again.

Be sure to check for updates and Like the WPRA CA Circuit Face Book Page, but remember that our official news is on the WPRA website,   CA Circuit News page!  All updates for information about our CA Circuit Divisional Finals will be posted on the CA Circuit News page, Divisional Circuit Finals Information link.

We are looking for sponsors for awards; if you are interested contact Marguerite Happy.  If you have “pledged” a sponsorship please mail checks ASAP, as we are in the process of ordering awards.


Marguerite Happy – cell phone 661.714.9600, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marilyn Peterson – cell phone 805.441.9715, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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