California Circuit News - 3/17/15


Marguerite Happy

Hello CA Circuit Members:

I attended a WPRA Board Meeting while in Las Vegas during the WNFR and your Board discussed numerous topics. Below are the topics discussed and decisions made at the Board meetings.

• We are working on putting something together to help further educate Rodeo Committees regarding the ground preparation for their respective Rodeo. Our goal remains safe footing for the welfare of our equine partners.

• Your Board voted to accept undisclosed donors. If you know of someone interested in making a monetary donation without acknowledgment or recognition, we are accepting for all categories/divisions of the WPRA. Call the WPRA office at 719-447-4627 and ask for Janet Cropper. Janet will handle all such interest, personally and confidently.

• The 2014 WPRA World Finals Cardholder race, held in Waco, TX was a huge success and surpassed past entries.

• There were a few changes made to the Jerry Ann Taylor Best Dressed award at the 2014 WNFR . The Taylor family, as in the previous 2 years, provided first place of $5,000. A Las Vegas supporter provided a newly established second place award of $1,000. The WPRA Business Committee recommended that the WPRA approve a third place award of $500, which was done for the 2014 WNFR as well. Being able to give awards to 3 girls brought some beautiful outfits during the barrel race. Dressing ‘UP” helps to sell tickets and ensure crowd enthusiasm for the Barrel Race!

• It has been voted on by your Board that the WPRA send a representative to each Challenge of Champions events this year. It can be a Director, WPRA President or WPRA Vice President. We are further looking into sending a Circuit Spokesperson if the need be. All spokeswoman are voted on by the entire Board before they are accepted as Circuit Spokeswoman.

• One of the main complaints from our members is ground conditions at rodeos. Justin offers the prestigious Justin Best Footing Award to committees in each Circuit for their good, safe ground effort. The Board discussed replacing the current voting method due to lack of response from members. We are looking into an online approach, hoping it would yield more participation from members. The WPRA office will explore these options. If you feel that this would be easier for you as a member to participate in the voting, please let me know.

• The WPRA Board Reviewed 2015 Calgary Ground Rules, agreeing that the 2015 fill order will remain the same as 2014. The Calgary Equine Medications & Prohibited Substance Penalties for violation will remain the same as 2014. We have agreed to allow a 1/1000th time to break a tie should it occur in the final bonus round as suggested by the Calgary Committee. In the past we broke ties by 1/100th. The 1/1000th is currently used at all Canadian Professional Rodeo Association rodeos for barrel racing and many in the US.

• The Board discussed if it was time to consider extending results at all Professional rodeos to 1/1000th. There was a discussion and the Board agreed to continue the discussion at the WNFR Board meeting. It was well received and agreed that a 2016 rule proposal will be made considering this change.

• Executive Contract Review: The Board agreed to extend the executive contract for Janet Cropper along with Business Committee recommendations through April 15, 2016. Personally Janet has been a huge help to me as your WPRA CA Circuit Director. I am grateful that the Board agreed to extend her contract. Janet Cropper is an asset to the WPRA.

The next WPRA Board of Directors Meeting will be held in Florida during the Dodge Ram National Circuit Finals in March. If you have any items you want discussed, contact me asap.

DID YOU KNOW? All WPRA members are covered with insurance while competing at WPRA co approved events.

I would like to remind you to check out the Question and Answers regarding our Medication policy. Read your 2015 WPRA rule book and be familiar with our rules. Ultimately it is up to each of us to know the rules. Rule changes, updates or corrections are always found on our official website

The 2015 WPRA Tour Rodeos have all been agreed upon. Each Circuit will offer 5 WPRA Tour Rodeos in their respective Circuit. The list will be out shortly. CA Circuit Tour Rodeos: Bakersfield in May, Santa Maria in June, Salinas in July, Norco in August, and Poway in September.

The Red Bluff Round-Up Committee offered me the opportunity to produce an already successful event. The Bud Light $3,000 Open 4D Barrel Race will be held April 15th, 2015 in Red Bluff at the Pauline Davis Pavilion, indoor arena. I accepted with honor, following in the footsteps of your past Director Gina Kilgore Graham and Spokeswoman Stacey Freitas. All profit I make will go to the WPRA CA Circuit!

I have published an official website for our Circuit. Check it out for all information regarding this upcoming race and Circuit news and merchandise for sale: Don’t forget to like WPRA CA Circuit and share both of these sites to family and friends to grow our Social Media. This makes our SPONSORS very happy!

Always looking for sponsors for our Circuit. Contact me if you know of any or have any leads. Also looking for someone to help me with members in focus articles. I am behind and need some help, so I can showcase a member each month!

Check out your WPRA CA Circuit Page; go to, click on News, then click Current Circuit News, then click on California. This will take you to your page. You can find links for Circuit standings, schedule, events, and members in focus, articles, sponsors and more! . Check the CA Circuit News site weekly. This is YOUR official site!

The Permit Standings for 2015 will be up on the CA Circuit Permit Standings link shortly, the current standings are listed below. Remember, if you Permit members have any questions, don’t’ hesitate to reach out to CA Circuit Spokeswoman Marilyn Peterson. Marilyn volunteers as the focal point for all our Permit members – there’s a LOT of new things to learn when you become a Permit, and choices to make (like whether to buy your Card or your 2nd Permit, Qualifying for the Permit Finals, etc). If you do not agree with the money shown for your Permit winnings, contact Marilyn ASAP so it can be resolved. Email for Marilyn is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone is 805.441.9715.

2015 CA Circuit Permit Standings – from October 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015

1 Darleen Alves $914
2 Melanie Jaegers $742
3 Amanda Stallins $666.66
4 Taylor Rogers 444.23
5 Annette Leach $285.00
6 Sara Clinton $160
7 Kelsey Hayden $121.57
8 Kaillee McNelis $97.18

Thanks to all who graciously help me throughout the year. Those volunteers, spokeswoman and sponsors help to make our Circuit strong and successful!

Blessings to each of you,

Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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