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Marguerite Happy

California Circuit News

Greetings CA Circuit Members!

Our awesome Salinas California Rodeo is just around the corner. Remember – Card holders AND Circuit Permits can enter this great rodeo and run at their generous pot of $24,000. This is a Wrangler Gold Tour rodeo – entries close June 23rd, so mark it on your calendar! Due to limited, cramped parking at California Rodeo Grounds, the Monterey County Sheriff's Posse Grounds will be offering a place for the contestants to stay. The address for the Posse Grounds is 395 Old Natividad Road; it's just a few miles from the Rodeo Grounds, and the Rodeo Grounds will offer day parking to those who choose to stay at the Posse Grounds. (Reno Rodeo does this and it works quite well) Parking at both the Salinas rodeo grounds and the Posse Fairgrounds will be on a first-come first-served basis. However, you can make reservations for parking at the Posse Grounds by calling Lynn Lincoln at 831-970-8880. $15 camping fee/dry only per night. $20 stall per night. There will be a barrel race held at the Posse Grounds on Saturday evening; you won't want to miss it!

When you come to the rodeo grounds you will receive a Barn Pass to come in unload your horses and whatever you need at your stall, then you will park near the new stadium. No horses will be allowed where you park. So, to leave you would go get your truck and trailer, pull into barn area and load to leave.

Don't miss our annual General Membership Meeting in Salinas. If you are a WPRA member in any capacity or are interested in becoming one, please join us at the WPRA General Membership meeting. This is the only time the WPRA will have a General Membership meeting in California. The meeting will be held on Thursday, July 16th, following 9:30am barrel racing slack at the Bull Crossing Tent at the north end of the track. Bring your suggestions, concerns and questions.

As we've done in the past, the CA Circuit will hold a major Circuit Fundraiser at the Salinas rodeo by offering a side pot fund raiser. Everyone who enters the Salinas Rodeo is encouraged to enter the CA Circuit Sidepot as well. Entry Fee is $25 for each of the first 3 rounds. It will be a 3D half second split. Pay cash or make checks to CEC Inc. Fastest time entered wins the 1-D, but you could run 1 second off the fast time and win the $$ for the 3rd Division. But to win any of it, you have to be entered. Be sure to enter with Stacey, Jeff Freitas 916-690-7193 or Marguerite Happy 661-714-9600 for each of the first three go rounds.

There's a lot of information in the Ground Rules for Salinas, so here's the full rodeo approval from the WPRA website. Please read the information about autograph signing, attending the Exceptional Rodeo, and the trade rules.

Salinas, CA 07/16/2015 - 07/19/2015 

PRCA Rodeo 

California Rodeo Salinas
Arena: Salinas Sports Complex
Location: 1034 N Main Street
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Perfs/Time:Three+ Finals: July 16, 6:00pm; July 17, 6:00pm; July 18, 1:00pm; Finals July 19, 1:00pm
Slack: Three: July 16, 9:30am; July 17, 9:30am; July 18, 9:30am
Stalls: Yes $50/Week 800-771-8807
Event / Entry Fee / Added Money:
 - Barrels / $416.00 / $24000.00
Eligibility: All Cards/Circuit Permits Only
EOO: June 19, 12:00pm
EC: June 23, 12:00pm
Stock Contractor: Western Rodeos Livestock
Member Dues: June 16, 5:00pm
Ground Rules: Format will be Three Rounds back to back + Finals. 12 contestants + ties will compete in the finals, not to exceed 14. No prize money will be issued prior to the last performance. No conflict will be guaranteed at all Gold and Silver tour rodeos (if possible), as long as the contestant does not create the conflict by giving a conflicting preferences.  Trade Rules: Anyone who entered the California Rodeo Salinas remember there are two types of trades. Trades because of conflicts and free trades per the WPRA rulebook. All first go round trades must be done through PRCA Trade Line 719- 548-4877 by trade deadline; whether a trade because of a conflict or a free trade. When you trade your first go round run, you trade every run with that girl. You get her draw and she gets your draw on all runs.  THERE WILL BE NO SECOND OR THIRD GO ROUND TRADES.  Remember you may not trade a slack for slack run or a performance for performance run. The trades must be slack to performance or performance to slack. Practice Session: Practice will be on Wednesday July 15th from 11:30 to 2:00 pm on south end of track. Absolutely be respectful of workers preparing for the Wednesday evening PBR Performance.  Entry Fees will be $395.00 plus Pro Com Fee of $21.00 equaling a total of $416.00 General Membership Meeting: A meeting will be held on Thursday, July 16th right after slack at The Bull Crossing Tent, past third barrel on roping chute end of track.  Hospitality: California Rodeo Salinas generously offers a wonderful Hospitality Tent for the contestants and their families near the roping chute end of the arena. They generously provide a safe place for your children to hang out, offering arts and crafts, games, and fresh veggies & strawberries grown locally in the Salinas Valley, donated by local growers.  The top 12 girls in the average plus ties will compete in the finals, not to exceed 14. The short go draw will be drawn randomly. Tractor drag after every 6 contestants in slack and the performances.  All contestants that draw a performance will listen for Paddock/Track Directors 1st, 2nd and Final call to check in. This year you will stay on the track and not have to go around into paddock. There will be a representative checking you in on the track.  Please be up close and ready to run when your name is called so that the barrel race is run quickly and efficiently.  Contestants may be asked to sign autographs on track following the Free Style Bull Fighting.  Contestants are asked to participate on Saturday at 12 noon on the track during the Exceptional Buckaroos Rodeo. WPRA Dress Code please.  WPRA CA Circuit will hold a side pot fund raiser during Salinas. Be sure to enter with Stacey, Jeff Freitas 916-690-7193 or Marguerite Happy 661-714-9600 for each of the first three go rounds. Entry Fees $25 for each of the first 3 rounds 3D half second split. Pay cash or make checks to CEC Inc.  I encourage all entries to enter this side pot; fastest time entered wins the 1-D, but you have to be entered.

July is a "HOT" month for WPRA events in Salinas, which fortunately normally offers us nice cool weather. We have a WPRA/Wrangler sponsored co-approved event on July 4th for the Harold Riva Memorial Barrel Race at the Salinas Rodeo grounds.

Salinas, CA 07/04/2015 (5/28/15)

WPRA Co-Approved Barrel Race
WPRA Co-Approved Barrel Race-WPRA Sponsored Sidepot 
WPRA Co-Approved Junior Barrel Race
WPRA Co-Approved Futurity / Derby Division
Harold Riva Memorial Barrel Race
Producer Name: Holly Harris 
Producer Phone: (831) 809-6960
Arena: Salinas Sports Complex
Location: 1034 N Main Street
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Perfs/Time:Race begins at 11am. 
Stalls: Not Available
Event / Entry Fee / Added Money: 
- Open Race (Barrels) / $65.00 / $1500.00
- WRANGLER WPRA Sponsored Sidepot (Barrels) / $35.00 / $250.00
- Derby Sidepot (Derby) / $35.00 / $0.00
- Futurity Sidepot (Futurity) / $35.00 / $0.00
- Junior Sidepot (Junior Barrels) / $35.00 / $0.00
Eligibility: All Cards/Permits/Juniors
EOO: Pre-entries close 6/26/15. Available at 
Ground Rules: Open Race with $1,500 added, WRANGLER WPRA Sponsored Sidepot with $250 added, Futurity, Derby & Junior Sidepots. Click here for flyer

AND, we have a WPRA/Wrangler sponsored Breakaway Roping in Salinas the Saturday before the rodeo, with minimum of $1,000 added money plus an additional $250 added for the WPRA-Only sidepot. You ropers start swinging your ropes!

Salinas, CA 07/12/2015  (5/17/15).....

WPRA Roping Division

California’s Richest Breakaway
Producer Name: Danielle Craig & Jackie Hobbs-Crawford
Producer Phone: 831-801-4290
Arena: Monterey County Posse Grounds
Location: 395 Old Natividad Road
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Perfs/Time: Check in starts at noon and roping will begin at 1pm after everyone is checked in and signed releases. 
Stalls: Yes- $15 per night. Contact 831-444-6267. 
Event / Entry Fee / Added Money: 
- All Girls Breakaway (Breakaway Calf Roping) / $300.00 / $1000.00
- WRANGLER WPRA Sponsored Sidepot (Breakaway Calf Roping) / $50.00 / $250.00
EOO: On Location or see flyer for pre-entry details. Pre-entries must be postmarked by July 1st. Mailed to 4701 Santa Ana Valley Rd. Hollister, CA 95023. Late fee of $25 will apply after. Contact Danielle Craig at 831-801-4290 regarding entry fee.
EC: On Location
Ground Rules: All Girls Breakaway Roping with a minimum of $1,000 added! Three go's and a short, Top 15 to short round. Every roper guaranteed 3 calves! Jackets to top 15 in short round & two places in each go. Martin Trophy Saddle to average champion! Buckles awarded in each go round to the fast time! WRANGLER WPRA Sponsored Breakaway Sidepot with $250 added Click here for flyer

Click here for entry form

We have many great co-approved barrel races coming up, be sure to check out our official schedule at, Like WPRA CA Circuit on Face Book and check out our www.wpracacircuit.comwebsite.

The Circuit, Divisional, Permit and Junior Finals will be upon us before we know it. CCF Dates are October 16 and 17th in Lancaster. Our CDF, CPF & CJF will be held in conjunction with Spurr Ranch Barrel Challenge on Saturday, November 7th in Shandon. There is no conflict with Brawley or any other rodeo on this date, so hopefully you can come and relax for the entire weekend, and run at the Spurr Ranch Challenge Open Race and at our Finals races. Keep checking out our CA Circuit Page on the official website for more information. Each qualifier will be asked to participate in a gift exchange. You bring 11 gifts, one for each qualifier in your division.

You should be receiving your CA Circuit raffle tickets very soon. Please set a goal to sell 12 each; if you can sell more that would be very helpful to our Circuit. Thank You Kaci Shaffer for taking this on for the second year. Remember, if you qualify for the Finals in more than one Division (e.g. the Circuit Finals Rodeo and the Divisional Finals), you will need to sell two sets of tickets (24 raffle tickets) in order to receive awards at each of the Finals you are qualified for. As a reminder, we have set a due date of September 15th to have your money and your raffle ticket stubs sent to Kaci Shaffer. If you turn in your tickets & money after September 15th, you will have to pay a $50.00 late fee in order to receive awards at the Finals. This should really minimize all the last-minute scrambling we've had to go through in the past with last minute payments

The Permit Standings have been updated through June 1st, so check the "Permit Standings" link on our CA Circuit website. Our Permits are doing awesome already this year, with the top 4 already having purchased their 2nd Permits. Congratulations to the current WPRA CA Circuit leader Darleen Alves with already over $2200 in winnings! All Permits are encouraged to contact Marilyn Peterson, CA Circuit Spokeswoman and Permit Representative, if you have any questions at all, including whether to buy your 2nd Permit or purchase your Card. Remember, once you have $1,000 won on your Permit, you must either buy a 2nd Permit or buy your Card in order to compete at any WPRA approved events. You can call Marilyn at 805.441.9715 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am looking for Sponsors for product and money; if anyone has anyone that would be interested please contact me.

Be safe,

Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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