California Circuit Newsletter — August 2016


Marguerite Happy

Our 2016 CA Circuit Rodeo Season ends September 7th, due to our California Circuit Pro-Rodeo Finals (CCF) dates of October 7-8th. We look forward to our CCF and congratulate the qualifiers. The current standings for California Pro Rodeo Finals is on the WPRA website. You must have your required rodeo count by September 7 in order to qualify to compete at the CCF. Required rodeo count is 12 for CA residents/15 for non-residents. There will be no hardship letters accepted; due to the fact that this year’s Circuit money won counts for world standings.

Our 2016 CA Circuit Divisional Finals (Permit Finals, Junior Finals, and Divisional Finals) money won cutoff date is September 30th. The CA Circuit Divisional Finals will be held on Saturday, November 5th, in conjunction with the $10,000 added Spurr Ranch Barrel Challenge. We have a link on our WPRA CA Circuit News Page which gives you all information pertaining to these Finals. Current standings for the Junior Finals and the WPRA Divisional Finals is on the WPRA website under “Standings”.

The spectacular California Rodeo at Salinas is in the books, and I would like to thank Patti Silva, Betty Breaux-Muzio, Kathy Branco, Jeff Freitas Video, Stacey Freitas and all who helped with another successful year. Congratulations to CA Circuit cowgirl Nellie Miller who won over $12,000 at this great rodeo, placing deep in every go-round, winning the Finals with the fast time of the entire rodeo with a 15.8, and winning the Average! Thank you to Jeff & Stacey Freitas who produced the WPRA CA Circuit annual side pot barrel race, which earned our CA Circuit just over $1,000! Thanks to all who entered. Next year we hope to include an average, along with the 3 go rounds. Henry Dill, the Track Director and his committee work extremely hard for the barrel racers. Tina Dairies helps to keep things running smooth with crew. Craig Andrus and Chris Nielson were dedicated to keeping the ground safe and consistent throughout the entire 4 days.

In June I shared how important it is to thank all involved with producing Pro Rodeos and Events you compete in. I would like to remind you how essential it is if you are asked by your Director or her Spokeswoman to do something at a Rodeo; please take serious consideration before you decide against what is asked of you. We are all busy, but if a Committee or Event Producer is asking a favor of you please take the time to be an ambassador of our sport and make time for that request.

Each Circuit receives three WPRA co-approved barrel races to offer a $250.00 added Divisional Sponsored Side Pot Event. The Side Pot Events chosen for California:

*Congrats to Melanie Southard-Thompson winner of first Side Pot / The First Annual Don’t Run “Pasture” Barrel Race July 16th in Shandon at the Spurr Ranch *Darleen Alvez Won of the second Side Pot / WCBRA 4D Barrel Race August 13th in Acton at Breeze E *Ranch Good luck to you members at the third side pot coming up: Run2Win Summer Sizzler in Corning at Run2Win Arena on August 20th. The winners are asked to take picture in front of the Sponsors Banners at end of race; I would request that you are in WPRA Dress Code. These pictures will be used in publications and you are representing the WPRA.

The California Circuit has been reaching out to sponsors quite successfully for our Year End Awards at each of our Finals. You can find those who support us by checking out our webpage and scrolling to the bottom. I am once again excited to share that Royal Vista Southwest, Jim Bailey DVM, Lana Merrick-Bailey have donated a breeding package with a value of approx $7,500.00. Breeding to Heart of the Cartel with an offer of Embryo Transfer to one of their recipient mares. This will be in our Silent Auction and I will have more information up on our Face Book Page soon. Lana Merrick has sponsored The Rising Star Award, given in memory of Scoti Flit Bar, created by past NFR qualifier Lana Merrick as a way of recognizing the year-long achievements of a horse that is making its first appearance at the NFR. This award is voted on by the top 15 barrel racers prior to the NFR. Thank You Lana, Dr. Bailey and Royal Vista Southwest for your support to our Circuit.

If you have not sent in your Raffle Tickets please do it NOW so we can use the money for your Finals awards! Make checks payable to WPRA CA Circuit mail to: Kaci Shaffer. 3611 Jenkins Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93314 phone: 661-304-5363 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In order to be eligible for awards in any CA Circuit Finals event, you must sell 12 tickets at $10 each ($120) in each qualified Division in order to receive your awards. Tickets must be postmarked by September 15th if you qualify for any of our Finals or you will be charged a $50.00 late fee to receive your awards. If you are not qualified for any Finals, but wish to support our Circuit and your tickets arrive after September 15th; you will not be charged a late fee. If you qualify for Finals and have not sold your raffle tickets; you may still run at Finals, but will not be eligible for Awards.

Familiarize yourself with our National website and our CA Circuit webpage and check it often. If you have any questions or see discrepancies; reach out to me or to our National WPRA office! Don’t forget to like WPRA CA Circuit Face Book page and our Respected Sponsors Face Book pages! Please remember to be kind on Social Media; you are representing the WPRA and should not be bad mouthing anyone/anything on Social Media.

Remember Safety First at Rodeos and Jackpots. If you see a situation that may not be safe; please find a judge, WPRA Director/Spokeswoman, Committee Member to share your concern with bringing it to their attention. Let’s have each other’s backs.

We are so blessed to be involved with such an amazing sport with our incredible equine partners; if you need something for yourself or your horse support our sponsors. These sponsors / product are the best in the Nation; let’s give back!

Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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