California Circuit Newsletter — February 2016


Marguerite Happy

Happy New Year!

2016 CA Circuit Finals held in Lancaster, CA at The Antelope Valley Fairgrounds has decided to change their traditional dates. The new dates of the CCF will be October 7th, 7:00 pm perf and October 8th, with perfs at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Our Circuit President Johnny Zamrzla and his committee have been in discussion with PRCA for quite a while. It was decided that it was a smart move since the new rules starting in 2016 allow for money won at the Circuit Rodeo, as well as at the Waco All American may go toward qualification for the Wrangler National Finals. If a contestant is close to qualifying for WNFR in October, they might choose to go to the All American instead of the CA Circuit Finals. With this change in date, the contestant can go to both rodeos if they want to. I feel this was an important business decision for our CA Circuit Finals and our CA Circuit contestants, and we will support this decision 100%! 2016 CA Circuit will be based on 2015 rodeo count of 32. Residents will need to compete at 13 CA Circuit rodeos to qualify for the CCF, and non-Residents will need 15 rodeos.

The WPRA CA Circuit Divisional, Permit and Junior Finals will be held in conjunction with The 2016 Spurr Ranch Barrel Challenge on November 5, 2016 in Shandon, Ca. Updates will be shared on our official site as soon as they come available. The WPRA website has current standings for the CA Circuit Divisional Finals and for the CA Circuit Juniors Finals, and we have just updated the Permit Standings to include money won through February 16th. Permits: Remember that what we show for the CA Circuit Permit Standings for 2016 is ONLY the money you have won for the 2016 rodeo year (from Oct 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016) Many of you have more cumulative money won on your Permit, and you MUST keep track of your total Permit earnings. Once you reach a cumulative amount of $1,000, you MUST either purchase a 2nd Permit or buy your Card. Permit members are encouraged to contact Marilyn Peterson, our CA Circuit Permit Advisor, to discuss any questions they may have. And please, check the amount of money you think you’ve won against what has been reported for your winnings. If you think your money won is incorrect, please contact Marilyn Peterson and she will work with you to resolve any discrepancies. Email Marilyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or call her at 805.441.9715. If you don’t check these numbers promptly, the WPRA won’t allow changes to the money they reported.

Please check the WPRA CA Circuit Face Book page frequently for updates, and, if you have not already “Liked” the WPRA CA Circuit Face Book page, please do so. We are past 4,000 fans and need the numbers to continue to share with your friends. This is important to our sponsors. Our sponsors appreciate seeing their product or company on our page and shared on their page. Take pictures using your product and share! We will continue to grow our long term relationships with our “partners”. Our official website is then go to our CA Circuit page. Scroll to the bottom and check out our National and State Sponsors. Each of you should be familiar with and know how to navigate the official page to find our official news. If you need help, reach out to myself or one of our members.

I am still looking for someone to write some articles on our members. Thank you Lyndee Stairs for your amazing contributions in writing the article on Charlene Jespersen and the upcoming article on Jerri Mann, honoring her as our CA Circuit 2015 Pioneer Cowgirl. You’ll want to read this great article – it gives a lot of history about Jerri, her accomplishments and her contributions to the WPRA over many decades.

Please contact me with recommendations on what Awards YOU would like to see at the 2016 CCF, CDF, CPF, and CJF! This will be my last year serving as Director and I really want it to be amazing! Also, always looking for sponsors to bring on board!

Time to vote! You’ve received your election ballot – make sure you fill it out and VOTE for the individuals you want for President, Vice President and Futurity Director. As I’ve stated many times before, I completely support Jerri Mann for another term as VP. Take a look at the article Lyndee Stairs wrote about Jerri in your “Member in the Spotlight” – she’s been a tremendous asset to the WPRA and will continue to be a huge asset for the next term as Vice President. Lynn Brown, one of our Futurity Director candidates reached out to me today and asked me to include her letter in my newsletter to all of you. I am sending out this letter for Lynn on her behalf. As some of you may or may not know, Lynn's husband passed away yesterday. She has been very clear to me that this Directorship will keep her quite busy for the next three years and that is exactly what she wants.

To the WPRA Membership,
As most of you know I am running for the Futurity and Derby Directorship. With the election upon us I felt like you should know a little of my background. First of all I am a proud member of the WPRA who is excited about the opportunity to serve you as Futurity/Derby Director if elected. My experience of 25 years in the futurity business along with many years competing at PRCA/WPRA Rodeo’s and an accounting degree gives me confidence in all the duties of this most important position.

I'm a strong advocate for the membership as I have kept up with the Board of Directors meetings and have been active in soliciting rule changes that benefit our members. I have also been a spokesperson for the Futurity/Derby division for the past several years and have assisted the past Director with her duties at the WPRA Finals and assisted in getting approvals in various Circuits.

I strongly believe our members voices should be heard along with the committees in order to move forward. Each person should ask what can I do for the WPRA not what can the WPRA do for me.

Casting your vote is the only way a member can influence the direction of the WPRA.
I would greatly appreciate your consideration.

Lynn K. Brown

I traveled to Vegas in December for a WPRA Board Meeting and attended the Starr Celebration. We were pleased to welcome Joe Beaver and Will Rasmussen as our guest emcees who helped us recognize the 2015 WPRA contract Personnel and Committee winners, the Justin Best Footing Award winners in each Circuit and most importantly, the 2015 WPRA top 15 Barrel Racers.

Congratulations to the Justin Best Footing Award Winners from California:
1st Place California Rodeo Salinas, Salinas, CA; 2nd Place Red Bluff Round-Up, Red Bluff, CA; 3rd Place Redding Rodeo, Redding, CA. Most Improved: Ventura County Fair Rodeo Ventura, CA. We really appreciate our CA Circuit rodeos making the ground safe and competitive for every contestant, regardless of where they are in the draw.

Additional awards announced at the WPRA Starr Awards were: Announcer of the Year - Chad Nicholson *Judge of the Year - John Kissel *Mildred Farris Secretary of the Year - Andrea Moon *Stock Contractor of the Year - Triple V Rodeo Company *Small Rodeo of the Year - Sturgis Wild West Days Festival & PRCA Rodeo *Medium Rodeo of the Year - Santa Maria Elks Rodeo *Large Rodeo of the Year - Sheridan WYO Rodeo & Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo *Sponsor of the Year - Copper Spring Ranch *Outstanding Individual of the Year - Alan Woodbury *Lenora Reimers Heritage Award - Cindy Rosser *Media Award - The Wrangler Network *Lifetime Family Heritage Award - Parsons Family *Outstanding Service and Dedication - Randy Rae Britt *NFR LIfetime Achievement Award - Larry Jordan *Distinguished Corporate Partner - Las Vegas Events

The Board meeting held during the WNFR was successful and we are nearing our first 2016 board meeting to be held in Kissimmee, FL during the RNCFR. If you have anything you would like to share please let me know.

I am grateful to the Producers who make our events happen, to the Volunteers for their countless hours of service; to our Sponsors for their generosity; and I’m grateful to my Spokeswomen and behind- the- scene helpers who are part of our WPRA CA Circuit “Dream Team”.

I am proud to announce a Ground Program Update:
Your Board of Directors has been working diligently on improved ground at our Rodeos. Our Ground Program sub-committee has asked each Circuit to approach two of their Circuit Rodeos that could improve their ground with a template of “how to” Improve their ground for the contestants. This would include overview of testing information and costs. The Committee would have to be willing to improve their ground and interested in the information.

Breaking News:
Shawn Davis announced to the NFRC board of directors that he has hired the best grounds person he knows of to take on the task of improving the ground at the NFR for 2016. They have already analyzed the ground and the water and have made their recommendations. He said "The ground at the NFR will be the best that we can make it! Thank you Shawn Davis and to all that have worked on WNFR Ground Improvement to make it the best that you can make it! We are grateful for you dedication to our beloved sport!

What I need from you the member is recommendations of 5 rodeos; less/more, in order of worst ground being number one. I will need this ASAP for it to count this year. By March 15th of this year, I will need to approach two committees on ground improvements.

Thank you in advance for sending me your opinion.

Please email your recommendations to:

Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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