California Circuit Newsletter — June 2016


Marguerite Happy

Our Spring Rodeo run is behind us and we seem to be suffering from a heat wave. El Nino was not nearly as severe here in California as predicted; but prayers go out to all who have suffered through damaging weather conditions and fires. The July 4th; Cowboy Christmas run is around the corner and I wish all of you on the road safety and much luck!

For those of you who are participating in Rodeos or our WPRA co approved Divisional jackpots be sure to thank our Producers, Sponsors and Volunteers. Thanking the grounds experts, tractor drivers, rodeo committees, sponsors, secretaries, timers, judges, announcers, volunteers and our FANS should never be underestimated. Your smile and kind word can go along way for the Future of Rodeo! You are a representative of our association and in the public’s eye. Be extra respectful to all you come in contact with; be loving and kind to your equine partner. Now days we need to be so aware and sensitive to how our actions may be perceived by others not as knowledgeable in our beloved sport as we are. Take the time to educate our Fans about Rodeo Events and the love, dedication, and time we give to our amazing horses. Let them know how blessed we feel to live our dreams alongside these athletic animals that simply love their job!

The California Circuit has been reaching out to sponsors quite successfully for our Year End Awards at each of our Finals. You can find those who support us by checking out our webpage and scrolling to the bottom. I am excited to share that Royal Vista Southwest, Jim Bailey DVM, Lana Merrick-Bailey have donated a breeding package with a value of approx $7,500.00. Breeding to Heart of the Cartel with an offer of Embryo Transfer to one of their recipient mares. This will be in our Silent Auction and I will have more information up on our Face Book Page soon. Lana Merrick has sponsored The Rising Star Award, given in memory of Scoti Flit Bar, created by past NFR qualifier Lana Merrick as a way of recognizing the year-long achievements of a horse that is making its first appearance at the NFR. This award is voted on by the top 15 barrel racers prior to the NFR. Thank You Lana, Dr. Bailey and Royal Vista Southwest for your support to our Circuit.

Rule proposals will be voted on by the BOD; if you see anything you are passionate about reach out and let me know your thoughts.

Raffle tickets have been mailed out by Kaci Shaffer. If you have not yet received your tickets please contact Kaci at 661-304-5363 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mail your raffle ticket stubs and money (checks made out to WPRA CA Circuit) to:

Kaci Shaffer 3611 Jenkins Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93314

We ask each CA Circuit member to sell at least 12 tickets at $10 each ($120 total) We will raffle off two Plaza Seats to this year’s NFR; 4th perf Sunday December 4th, 2016. We will draw the winner November 5th in Shandon at our CA Circuit Divisional Finals, and the winner need not be present to win. We will contact the winner if there is a phone number on ticket.

In order to be eligible for awards in any CA Circuit Finals event, you must sell 12 tickets in each qualified Division in order to receive your awards. Tickets must be sent in by September 15th if you qualify for any of our Finals or you will be charged a $50.00 late fee to receive your awards. If you are not qualified for any Finals, but wish to support our Circuit and your tickets arrive after September 15th; you will not be charged a late fee. If you qualify for Finals and have not sold your raffle tickets; you may still run at Finals, but will not be eligible for Awards.

The 2016 WPRA CA Circuit Finals will be held October 7-8th, 2016 in Lancaster at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. We will invite the top 12 Rodeo Qualifiers with money won at CA Circuit Rodeos who have met their required rodeo count and who enter the CCF. The cutoff date for the CCF is September 7th, 2016. Be sure to send in your Circuit Dues to support our Circuit!

The WPRA CA Circuit Divisional/Permit/Junior Finals will be held November 5th, 2016 at Spurr Ranch in Shandon in conjunction with the 2016 Spurr Ranch Barrel Challenge. There will be more information soon.

I am proud to report that the WPRA has experienced another positive year. Continued growth shows a positive net income; up for the 5th consecutive year.

Your BOD has approved an increase in money that will be given to each Circuit Director for Awards. Circuit Finals will be given an extra $1,000.00; total given $4,000.00 to CCF. Currently our Corporate Partner Wrangler funds each Circuit’s Divisional Finals with $1,000.00 added. In addition, this year the WPRA will give $500.00 to Divisional Finals. The BOD has recommended that each Circuit be required to offer a Permit Finals and the WPRA will fund it with $500.00 Our Permit members are our Future and this is a positive step. Each Circuit will decide if they will invite “all” their Circuit Permit Holders or the top 12. The National office is not set up (as of yet) to keep track of Circuit Permit Holders earnings on a Circuit level; so I am guessing most will invite all Circuit Permit members to their finals. However, in California we are blessed to have Marilyn Peterson and Amy Robinson tracking our Circuit Permit member’s earnings. We will continue to invite the top 12 Permit Members that entered the Permit Finals; keeping it prestigious to qualify. Money won at the Permit Finals will count toward “filling” your permit. Remember, once you earn $1,000.00 on your Permit (at Rodeos or co approved jackpots), it is up to you to either purchase your second permit or purchase your Rookie Card. Keep track of your earning girls; it is ultimately up to you to make sure it is correct. If you find something has been missed; contact the office ASAP.

Currently the DC (Divisional Circuit) Guidelines allow for the designation of only 1 horse for a carryover/rollover time to a WPRA side pot. The DC Committee recommends leaving the guidelines as 1 designated horse to a WPRA side pot. This is the fairest to all WPRA members.

Your Roping Director Patti McCutchen reviewed the status of her All Around Vision & 5 Year Plan; “Roping by the Numbers”. Patti mentioned that California seems to be a hot spot for growth. If anyone is interested in producing a WPRA Sanctioned Roping; please reach out to myself and Patti. A Roping Committee has been put together to help build a plan for future positive growth in the Roping Division.
I would like to share a few of our CA Circuit Ropings in the near future, all found on our CA Circuit schedule!

Duncan Mills, CA 06/25/2016 - 06/26/2016 WPRA Roping Division Russian River Rodeo Producer Name: Bobbie Stone Producer Phone: 530-347-9256
Arena: Russian River Rodeo Grounds
Location: 23450 Moscow Road
All Girls Breakaway Roping (Breakaway Calf Roping) / $95.00 / $750.00
EOO: Entries taken 6/14/16 from 12-7pm. Call 208-845-2080 or CCPRA members may enter at
Ground Rules: All Girls Breakaway Roping with $750 added!

Willits, CA 07/03/2016 - 07/04/2016
WPRA Roping Division
Willits Frontier Days
Producer Name: Bobbie Stone
Producer Phone: 530-347-9256
Arena: Willits Rodeo Grounds
Location: 401-481 E Commercial St.
All Girls Breakaway Roping (Breakaway Calf Roping) / $80.00 / $700.00
EOO: Entries taken 6/21/16 from 12-7pm. Call 208-845-2080 or CCPRA members may enter at Call backs will be on 6/23/16 from 5-6pm.
Ground Rules: All Girls Breakaway Roping with $700 added!

Salinas, CA 07/17/2016
WPRA Roping Division
California's Richest Breakaway & Team Roping
Producer Name: Danielle Craig
Producer Phone: 831-801-4290
Arena: Monterey County Posse Grounds
Location: 395 Old Natividad Road
Perfs/Time:Roping begins at 8am.
Stalls: Yes- $15 per night.
- All Girls Breakaway Roping (Breakaway Calf Roping) / $300.00 / $1000.00
- WRANGLER WPRA All Girls Breakaway Sponsored Sidepot (Breakaway Calf Roping) / $50.00 / $250.00
- All Girl Team Roping (Team Roping) / $200.00 / $0.00
EOO: On Location
EC: On Location
Ground Rules: All Girls Breakaway Roping with $1,000 added, WRANGLER WPRA All Girls Breakaway Sponsored Sidepot with $250 added, All Girl Team Roping(pick one, draw one for $200)!

The WPRA has implemented a One & Done Program. This program had helped Rodeo Secretary’s results packages coming into the WPRA office with 92% accuracy. The office is looking into how to best help with accuracy for the remaining 8%.

The DC Committee was thinking ahead toward 2017; showing further support to the development of the DC Program. We discussed designing a qualified DC year end race at the 2017 World Finals. The top 12 qualifiers in each circuit’s DC would be invited to compete. Look for more detailed information regarding this final decision in the near future.

Your Futurity/Derby Director Marlene McRae is working on improving Futurity/Derby ground rules at The World Finals. You will see an increase in added Derby money this year; as well as a slight increase in Futurity/Derby entry fees. She has asked that Futurity/Derby riders at the World Finals are able to carry their time over from the WPRA Card, Permit, and Junior races. These Futurity/Derby horses are our future Rodeo horses and we are offering a competitive race to help season these athletes.

We will not hold our annual General Membership Meeting during California Rodeo Salinas this year. It was suggested that we should focus on Rodeo Committee’s that would benefit from a visit from the WPRA President and schedule a General Membership meeting at the same time for economic reasons.

I am pleased to announce that California has some “new” Pro Rodeos and that Jurupa Valley Rodeo returned after an 8 year hiatus. Jurupa Valley committee worked hard on their ground which proved to pay off. Money was won in slack as well as every performance. I encourage you to enter Jurupa Valley in 2017! They also offered the first ever WPRA Junior/Youth Race. Entries were down due to the NBHA Vegas SuperShow; but the 15 that entered each ran during a Pro Rodeo Performance; giving these young ladies the opportunity to experience a Pro Rodeo atmosphere first hand. Congratulations to Payton Bladow, one of our WPRA CA Circuit Junior Members, on winning her first Pro Rodeo Buckle! You can read more about her in our Member in Focus section on the WPRA website, CA Circuit News page!

Each Circuit Director has been given two Ground Improvement Grants this year. California chose Santa Maria Elks Rodeo and Rancho Mission Viejo/San Juan Capistrano as recipients of this soil/water testing grant. It consists of the Rodeo Committee being interested in improving their rodeo ground by sending in soil and water samples to Safe Arena Footing. I have requested a third grant in California and if I receive it, I will offer it to Livermore Rodeo for 2017 ground improvement.

I was excited to hear from Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo regarding their interest in including a WPRA Barrel Race at their prestigious Rodeo. It will be a Limited Rodeo; similar to the PRCA Events and will count toward National Earnings, but will not count toward Circuit Earnings. I would like to thank Cindy Rosser for helping with this interest from the Committee; Cindy has been an ambassador of our sport for decades and continues in her quest to support the WPRA. I began reaching out to Rancho Mission Viejo when I became Circuit Director after receiving calls from numerous Members that were hoping to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing Pro Rodeo. The committee is looking into the possibility of adding the barrel race; if they feel confident the ground will hold our equine partners safely. They have results and are referring to a ground expert. If we run out of time this year; my hopes are that by next year it will become a reality!

Each Circuit receives three co approved barrel races to offer a $250.00 added Divisional Sponsored Side Pot Event. The Side Pot Events chosen for California:
1. The First Annual Don’t Run “Pasture” Barrel Race July 16th in Shandon at the Spurr Ranch
2. WCBRA 4D Barrel Race August 13th in Acton at Breeze E Ranch.
3. Run2Win Summer Sizzler in Corning at Run2Win Arena on August 20th.

Regularly check out your CA Circuit Schedule for all approved Rodeos/Barrel Races: I receive approvals weekly and this schedule will constantly change with additional opportunities to qualify to our Finals in California.

Your Roping Director and Futurity/Derby Directors have each designated an event in California as a recipient of one of their “Side Pot Sponsored Allocations”. Thank you Patti and Marlene for including California Circuit Events!

2016 CA Circuit Qualifying Tour Rodeos includes Red Bluff Round-Up, Redding Rodeo, Santa Maria, California Rodeo Salinas and Poway Rodeo. Each Circuit designates 5 Rodeos and these Qualifying Tour Rodeos help our members qualify into numerous Limited Entry Rodeos. Don’t miss this opportunity!

You may have noticed that this year Salinas does not accept CA Circuit Permits. Salinas was a Limited Entry Rodeo for quite a few years and they took Limits off about 4 years ago. Last year numbers were up in the barrel race and slack ran into other scheduled Track Events. They thought about again “Limiting” entries. I proposed to them to not Limit Entries and they could keep numbers down by not accepting CA Circuit Permits. They averaged 13 Permits yearly and when they looked at the numbers they agreed to leave Salinas Unlimited, but cut out Circuit Permits. Permit members can look forward to entering Salinas when they become an official card member. California Rodeo Salinas has made a few other changes this year; so be familiar with your Ground Rules:

Ground Rules: Trade Deadline: July 14 5:00pm Format will be Three Rounds back to back + Finals. 12 contestants + ties will compete in the finals, not to exceed 14. Increasing the number of contestants on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to 18 per day. No prize money will be issued prior to the last performance. No conflict will be guaranteed at all Gold and Silver tour rodeos (if possible), as long as the contestant does not create the conflict by giving a conflicting preferences. Trade Rules: Anyone who entered the California Rodeo Salinas remember there are two types of trades. All first go round trades must be done through PRCA Trade Line 719- 548-4877 by trade deadline. When you trade your first go round run, you trade every run with that girl. You get her draw and she gets your draw on all runs. THERE WILL BE NO SECOND OR THIRD GO ROUND TRADES. Remember you may not trade a slack for slack run or a performance for performance run. The trades must be slack to performance or performance to slack. Practice Session: Practice will be on Wednesday July 20th from 11:30 to 2:00 pm on south end of track. Absolutely be respectful of workers preparing for the Wednesday evening PBR Performance. Entry Fees will be $395.00 plus Pro Com Fee of $21.00 equaling a total of $416.00

Hospitality: California Rodeo Salinas generously offers a wonderful Hospitality Tent for the contestants and their families near the roping chute end of the arena. They generously provide a safe place for your children to hang out, offering arts and crafts, games, and fresh veggies & strawberries grown locally in the Salinas Valley, donated by local growers. The top 12 girls in the average plus ties will compete in the finals, not to exceed 14. The short go draw will be drawn randomly. Tractor drag after every 6 contestants in slack and the performances. All contestants that draw a performance will listen for Paddock/Track Director's 1st, 2nd and Final call to check in. This year you will stay on the track and not have to go around into paddock. There will be a representative checking you in on the track. Please be up close and ready to run when your name is called so that the barrel race is run quickly and efficiently. Contestants may be asked to sign autographs on track following the Free Style Bull Fighting. Contestants are asked to participate on Saturday at 12 noon on the track during the Exceptional Buckaroos Rodeo. WPRA Dress Code please.

WPRA CA Circuit will hold a side pot fund raiser during Salinas. Be sure to enter with Stacey, Jeff Freitas 916-690-7193 or Marguerite Happy 661-714-9600 for each of the first three go rounds. Entry Fees $25 for each of the first 3 rounds 3D half second split. Pay cash or make checks to CEC Inc. I encourage all entries to enter this side pot; fastest time entered wins the 1-D, but you have to be entered. I encourage all who enter Salinas to enter the Side Pot; it makes for more opportunities to win some money!

Familiarize yourself with our National website and our Circuit webpage and check it often. If you have any questions; reach out to me! Don’t forget to like WPRA CA Circuit Face Book page and our Respected Sponsors Face Book pages!

We had an incident happen this year at Bakersfield Rodeo. Katie Carroll from Florida, one of our Rookie Members was entered at Bakersfield Rodeo. While she was asleep in her LQ Trailer after the rodeo someone found a hide a key in her truck and proceeded to steal her rig with her in it. The truck was hooked up to the LQ with the ramp down dragging. Her horse was stalled safely and not tied to trailer. She was woken up in the middle of the night when her trailer took off on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. She dialed 911 for help and was able to look out the window to identify a landmark. Police arrived, however this did not stop or slow the driver down; ultimately a tack strip had to be thrown down to blow her truck tires out to stop the rig. The person who “stole” her rig was arrested and Katie was safe, but shaken after a crazy ride. She knew Katie Pascoe and called her for help. Katie referred her to Kaci Shaffer who picked her up and was able to help her replace her tires from her families local tire shop. Katie had to turn out of Sonora Rodeo and she was graciously invited to the Jones Ranch in Morro Bay for some needed rest and support from her rodeo friends. I am so proud of our rodeo family support system and never surprised by the generosity that is given throughout the year! That same evening a stalled horse on the fairgrounds was turned loose. The horse was recovered safely but certainly scared. I would like to remind each of you to lock your rigs up for safety. Rodeo Committees do their best to keep us safe, but their “security” can’t be everywhere they need to be sometimes.

Remember Safety First at Rodeos and Jackpots. If you see a situation that may not be safe; please find a judge, WPRA Director/Spokeswoman, Committee Member to share your concern with bringing it to their attention. Let’s have each other’s backs.

Looking forward to hearing your questions and concerns,

Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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