California Circuit Newsletter — May 2016


Marguerite Happy

I attended a Board of Directors meeting in Kissimmee, FL in April during the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo. We had a productive meeting and our WPRA Corporate Partnership program is alive and well. I am proud to welcome Resistol Hats, Nutrena, Professional’s Choice, Exiss Aluminum Trailers, Circle Y/Reinsman to our National Level Partnership. I would like to thank Wrangler Jeans & Shirts, Ram Trucks, Montana Silversmiths, & Justin Boots for their loyalty to the WPRA. There is more about each of these National Sponsors on our official website; please support our Corporate Partners!

The WPRA is alive and well; showing a continued growth of members and I am proud we are able to recognize nearly every Division in California. We are working on growing each Division in every Circuit in the near future.

Please remember to submit your rule proposal to be considered for the 2017 rodeo season no later than May 14. Visit for more information.

Thank you to my Spokeswoman past and present! Their contact information is up on our official CA Circuit page; if you have any questions or concerns they are here to serve you.

The California Spring rodeo run has been good to our CA Circuit members! Congrats to all our hometown girls who competed with the Nation’s Top 15 and came out on top! At Clovis, Rachel Dice and Kris Gadbois were big winners, and then Kris jumped up to win Lakeside the same weekend! Kris also won Bakersfield. Christina Richmond won Springville. Mary Jo Camera won Stoneyford, Jolee Jordan won Banning, and CA Circuit Permit holder Hayle Gibson won Riverdale. Our CA Circuit standings reflect a lot of this money won with Rachel Dice leading the CA Circuit standings with over $13,000 and Kris Gadbois in 2nd place with over $12,000. Linda Vick is sitting 3rd with over $7,000, and our own CA Circuit Rookie leader Katie Pasco is in 4th place with almost $6,000. Katie has been hot on the rodeo trail all year, and is currently sitting 3rd in the World standings for Rookie with over $13,000. Way to go Katie!

Our Divisional standings show Vicky Cook in the lead with over $7,000, and the next 3 spots go to CA Circuit Rookies: Darleen Alves with over 6,000, 3rd is Kaillee Hamre with over $5,000, and again Katie Pasco sitting 4th with over $4,000. There’s a very tough race going down for our CA Circuit Juniors with Casey Mathis leading the standings with $4,601 followed closely by Caitlyn Wood with $4084. Our CA Circuit Permits are also bringing home the $$, with Amanda Holden sitting 1st with over $800 won so far. Check out the updated Permit Standings on our website.

Resistol is a WPRA National Sponsor! They have graciously donated a safe ride hat/helmet to each circuit! Resistol is committed to our safety! We had the option, as directors, to keep it for ourselves or to donate it to a circuit member. If the director chooses to keep the hat, Resistol will donate one Straw hat to be given as a Circuit Award. I would like to hear from my CA Circuit members and find out how many are interested in these Safety Hats. Then I will decide how to proceed. Thanks Resistol Hats and thank you in advance ladies for taking the time to let me know if you would wear a Safety hat!

I am proud of the fact that in the California Circuit we have given awards to Futurity 1D, Futurity 2D and Derby riders for points earned in our California Circuit. This would not be possible without Amy Robinson's willingness to track these points. It is up to you, the member to make sure that your points are correct; ASAP. I have asked the office to add a Futurity/Derby link to our CA Circuit webpage.

If you are a WPRA Member it is free to nominate your Futurity or Derby horse. Go to our website for the nomination form. If you have questions contact myself or our Futurity/Derby Director Marlene McRae.

Remember, if you are a Futurity/Derby rider you must sell 12 raffle tickets to receive your year-end awards. I am looking for sponsors for this category; so if you know of anyone have them contact me. Unless I can bring in sponsors for this specific category, at this time I will be giving a Year End Champ Award to Futurity 1D, Futurity 2D and Derby horse.

You should all be receiving your Raffle Tickets to sell with a letter explaining what is expected. We ask each CA Circuit member to sell at least 12 tickets at $10 each ($120 total) to raffle off two Plaza Seats to this year’s NFR. In order to be eligible for awards in any CA Circuit Finals event, you must sell 12 tickets in order to receive your awards. This is our largest fund raiser for the year so please support your Circuit and sell those tickets! Thank you Kaci Shaffer for taking this on!

I reached out last month asking our members for volunteers to help write our monthly Member In Focus articles. Thank You Lyndee Stairs for your past support and thanks to the newly recruited; Noel Cosca, Denis Madsen, Kendra Cohn-Blundell (Congratulations on your marriage!), & Nicki Cracknell.

If any of the Juniors would like to send me your bio and pictures; I would love to share it on our page. We welcome you and are here for you. Our Junior Division has grown from around 6 five years ago to over 30 in 2016! Jurupa Valley Rodeo (June 3 & 4) will offer the first ever WPRA CA Circuit Junior Barrel Race at a Pro Rodeo. Look for the approval and final information on our official schedule.

Producers: If you would like to make your barrel race WPRA co-approved, it cost only $25 for the approval fee. You can submit an application and payment to the WPRA office; it is the same amount for one or more categories. I require $500.00 added to Open and always ask producers to include Futurity 1-D, 2-D; Derby with at least $100.00 added to each; and Juniors. This helps our members qualify for the Divisional Year End Finals!

I am here to answer any questions that may arise. Know your Rule Book ladies; you are running at a professional level and should be familiar with our rules!

Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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