California Circuit Newsletter — September 2016


Marguerite Happy

Our CA Circuit Year has come to an end and we are preparing for the CA Circuit Finals.

Nellie Williams is on the “bubble” as a NFR qualifier and we wish her much luck!

A few highlights:

Kris Gadbois’ great horse; CRCS Regaldash aka Snoop has won The 2016 Horse of the Year! Snoop will receive a Back On Track Blanket sponsored by Cross Country Ranch.  Many thanks to Cross Country Ranch for sponsoring this award for the 5th consecutive year.  She will also receive the AQHA Horse Trophy sponsored again by Justin Insurance.  Congratulations to Snoop and Kris!

We have a new award this year sponsored by Charlie and Chris Webb in memory of the late Rose Webb.  The Rising Star Award is for the horse who shows great promise to be an up and coming Rodeo Star.  There was a tie for this award for 2016:  Nellie Williams horse Rafter W Minnie Reba aka Sister, and 

JR Naughty Jet aka Naughty jockeyed by Katie Pascoe are both winners of the 2016 Rising Star Award.  Both of these horses are home bred, raised and trained and will receive a Back On Track Blanket and AHQH horse trophy.  These horses have proven their talent, heart and grit and we look forward to their future endeavors!

I would like to Congratulate Sammy Thurman Brackenbury for being voted the 2016 WPRA CA Circuit Pioneer Cowgirl. Sam was a past recipient of the True Grit Award and now will hold both titles.  Thank you Sue and Larry Rogers for sponsoring the Pioneer Award.

The 2016 WPRA CA Circuit True Grit Cowgirl was a tie.   Charlene Jespersen, also a past Pioneer Cowgirl Honoree will receive this title along with the late Ruth Haislip.  Jim Haislip and family will be on hand to receive Ruth’s award.  Thank you Animal Health Solutions, Inc/Equerry’s for sponsoring this award.

Presentation will be at the CA Circuit Finals during the WPRA CA Circuit Awards Ceremony on Friday at 3:30pm at Marguerite Happy’s trailer near the horse pens, in Lancaster at The Antelope Valley Fairgrounds.

Congratulations to the following members for your nominations for these awards.  Once nominated, you remain on the list as nominees for Pioneer Cowgirl and/or True Grit Cowgirl for the following years when it’s time to vote again.  Voting is done by our CA Circuit Spokeswoman, Director, VP and past recipients.

Pioneer Nominees for 2016 included: Wanda Cagliari, Dude Overton, and Marilyn Camarillo.   Past Pioneer Cowgirl Award Recipients:  2015 Jerri Mann; 2014 Roxy McIntosh RIP & Marilyn Peterson, 2013 Charlene Jespersen, 2012 Sue Rogers, DVM

True Grit Nominees for 2016 included:  Shelley Boyle, Linda Vick, Sandy Christensen, Dolli Lautaret, Marilyn Camarillo, and Katy Varian.   Past True Grit Cowgirl Award Recipients:  2015 Betty Grohl, 2014 Linda Stenerson, 2013 – tie between Sammy Thurman Brackenbury & Suzanne Koch, 2012 Polly Ugland RIP

The continuance of these Awards will be at the discretion of your future 2017 CA Circuit Director. 

Congratulations to the 2016 WPRA CA Circuit Pro Rodeo Qualifiers:

1 Kris Gadbois

2 Rachel Dice

3 Nellie Miller

4 Linda Vick (G)

5 Christina Richman

6 Katie Pascoe (R)

7 Brittney Barnett

8 Mary Jo Camera

9  Jolee Jordan (G)

10 Trula Churchill

11 Dolli Lautaret (G)

12 Vicky Cook

Thank You to our sponsors who make Awards possible for each of the top 12 qualifiers.

Looking forward to an amazing CCF.


Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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