California Circuit Spokeswomen


Katie Pascoe

California Circuit Spokeswomen

Kathy Petska (209) 648-8830
Nellie Miller (530) 604-8984
Marguerite Happy (661) 714-9600
Lyndee Stairs (559) 779-2430
Karla Sanchez (805) 714-7023

Thank you to those of you who have represented the WPRA CA Circuit as a Spokeswoman, either in the past or in the present.

As your WPRA CA Circuit Director I want you to know what an integral part of our Circuit and association you play. You are acting as a role model not only to our CA Circuit members, but to the whole association and you are acting as an Ambassador of Pro Rodeo!

My wish list for spokeswoman duties would be to:

1. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner.

2. Know your rule book, and keep it handy to refer to.

3. When you are entered at a rodeo, If you draw up in the some of the first runs being made please arrive early enough to; make yourself available to check out the ground. If it needs something contact the tractor driver and committee people and speak to them regarding safe, fair and consistent ground for all contestants and their equine partners.

4. Offer the judges help marking the barrel pattern.

5. If you see something unsafe, step off your horse and don’t be afraid to speak up!

6. Be available to others to offer assistance in answering their questions.

7. If there is a pro rodeo in the area you reside, please let me know. You may have a close contact that can help us build bridges with these rodeo committees.

8. Always look for potential sponsors in your area and beyond.  Let them know that for their sponsorship for WPRA CCF/CDF Awards, we can advertise their website on our official WPRA CA Circuit Page,  on our WPRA CA Circuit Face Book Page and on!  Our girls are the best in California and the Nation, their product will be seen by potentially thousands of prospective customers!

9. It would be nice if every spokeswoman contacted one person they would like to be highlighted on our CA Circuit Page as a “Member in Focus” and write an article about them.  Marilyn Manning Peterson and myself will edit this or finish putting it together. Your member you choose should email pictures they would like up on our official webpage along with their article!

10. I am hoping to add some spokeswoman to represent the California Divisional Finals members, California Permit members and California Junior Members, Futurity/Derby Members, Roping Members so that I can share a broader amount of news on our sites.

11. If you are going to be at a big barrel race co-sponsored with WPRA, perhaps you could host a Silent Auction?  

12. If there is a new member in your area, contact her and make her feel welcome.

13. Ask her to share news with me, to post on our FB Page. Be there for questions.

14. Voting on Pioneer, True Grit and other awards for Year End Circuit/Divisional Finals.

15. Be willing to choose a few Rodeos to write thank you notes to: welcoming them back when their rodeo is approved and thanking them after the rodeo has finished.

16.Help with the annual CA Circuit Raffle Ticket Fund Raiser

17. Help at Divisional/Permit/Junior Finals with setting up and handing out awards

Again, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to our sport!

WPRA CA Circuit Director