California Circuit Newsletter — October 2016


Marguerite Happy

Congratulations to each and every contestant who is competing at the CA Circuit Divisional Finals race at Spurr Ranch in Shandon on Novmeber 5th!  The fastest time run at our 3 Finals races will be the winner of the Cactus Saddlery Championship Saddle gift certificate.  Good luck to each of you!


If you have any questions, please contact:

Marguerite Happy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 661-714-9600

Marilyn Peterson:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 805.441.9715


1 Caitlyn Wood $10,523.37
2 Casey Mathis $9,604.74
3 Madison Camozzi $3,056.79
4 Samantha Hornberger $1,571.00
5 Haliegh Grant $1,447.33
6 Payton Schoeppach $1,331.20
7 Payton Bladow $1,208.00
8 Madison Baute $831.00
9 Masyn Powers $738.00
19 Skylar Alves $630.42
11 Mia Prichard $577.24
12 Macee Nunes $527.78


1 Darleen Alves (R) $14,093.04
2 Vicky Cook $7,669.05
3 Katie Pascoe (R) $6,812.70
4 Leah Baize (R) $6,695.50
5 Linda Vick (G) $6,298.01
6 Brittney Barnett $5,652.90
7 Kaillee Hamre (R) $5,574.59
8 Kathy Petska $4,059.77
9 Cheri Graves $4,029.01
10 Lacey Lockard $3,834.62
11 Stacey Freitas $2,716.74
12 Cathey Vallerga (G) $2,634.75



1 Cassidy Champlain $3,420.39
2 Jamie Sweat $1,776.50
3 Natalie Galan $1,614.31
4 Jessica McBain $1,150.76
5 Sue Ellen Laursen $983.23
6 Amanda Holden $978.00
7 Briana Jenny $784.71
8 Amber Bustamante $755.00
9 Ryan Smith $740.70
10 Yolanda Dyer $483.44
11 Savannah Fichter $349.55
12 Kendall Doud $298.73



2016 California Circuit Finals is in the books! I would like to Congratulations Kris Gadbois for winning the 2016 CA Circuit Year End Championship and Nellie Miller for winning the 2016 CA Circuit Finals...both these ladies have punched their ticket to The National Circuit Finals in Kissimmee, FL representinf CA...we will be rooting for you!

Congrats to all of the qualifiers and winners!
1st go: Trula Churchill $1,918.73, Nellie Miller $1,439.05, Vicky Cook $959.68, Kris Gadbois $479.68
2nd go: Brittney Barnett $1,918.73, Vicky Cook $1,439.05, Nellie Miller $959.36, Rachel Dice $479.68
3rd go: Nellie Miller $1,918.73, Trula Churchill $1,439.05, Brittney Barnett $959.36, Katie Pascoe $479.68
Average: Nellie Miller $2,878.10, Trula Churchill $1,798.81, Vicky Cook $1,798.81, Jolee Jordan $719.52
Year End: Kris Gadbois $22,932.84, Nellie Miller $22,825.34, Rachel Dice $18,698.34, Trula Churchill $10,638.26, Brittney Barnett $10,592.55, Linda Vick $10,155.94, Vicky Cook $9,397.25, Katie Pascoe $8,877.39, Christina Richman $8,722.99, Jolee Jordan $7,002.47, Mary Jo Camera $6,527.18, Dolli Lautaret $5,317.36

photo2016 California Circuit Finals
Photo by Gene Hyder

I was asked by the Circuit President to represent the WPRA Barrel Racers at their first annual “Behind The Chutes” where the Circuit hosted a get together for Learn4Life Charter School students. The students, many who had never been to a Rodeo were given the opportunity to learn about our profession and visit the livestock up close. Cindy Rosser and Family sponsored Programs and they each received a ticket to come back to watch the CCF. This was well received and I predict it will grow next year.

The qualifiers that drew up City of Industry Slack made it just in time for the WPRA CCF Awards Ceremony. Gene Hyder was on hand to snap a group and individual shots; then we thanked Gene for all he has done for us with a small token of our appreciation.

Johnny Zamrzla and his committee helped to make it an amazing Finals. Barrel Racers had Center Gate to begin their run and tractor drag prior to Barrels and at six. Thanks Johnny Zamrzla, Jr. and Jim Ritchie for working the ground. Amazing to think that this is the first year CCF earnings will count toward Pro Rodeo earnings; it was not that long ago we were not even running at equal prize money. With the support and loyalty of many in our industry we now compete with equal prize money added to the barrel race and occasionally more!

Tootie and Teda Hudson were once again on hand to host our luncheon serving pulled pork/beef sandwiches, salads with a delicious chocolate cake hand baked by Valerie Scott. Tootie and Teda have been around Rodeo for decades; and I greatly appreciate all they have done for us and for their past service. We showed our appreciation of these two with a few goodies!

We welcomed Chris Webb; son of the late Rose Webb and Jim, Tanner and Garret Haislip family of the late Ruth Haislip. Each year we suffer losses and this past year was no exception. Losses included Pioneers in the Rodeo World. I had received a call from Dolly Kouri asking if it would be possible to release white doves in memory of her friend Rose Webb. We received the “ok” and I turned the floor over to Dolly. Members or friends of each of our lost friends joined Dolly up front. While Dolly gave instructions on how to properly hold and release the doves we played “Empty Saddles” written and performed by Katie Pascoe in memory of her late grandpa John W. Jones. Empty Saddles was quite fitting for the occasion. Dolly spoke about how Rose Webb had touched her life and encouraged her with her barrel racing; then explained how each Dove would represent those lost. We gave tribute to Rose Webb, Ruth Haislip, John Hudson, Lara Dewees, Dan Branco, Ed Hirdes, Bess Chaney, Frank Mays and to all of the our loved ones and friends that have gone before us. The American Flag was flying half staff in memory of Seargant Steve Owen who had been shot to death days prior to the Finals when responding to a local burglary. He was a veteran with the Sheriff’s Department and a Mounted Posse Rider; very close to retiring. This was a touching gesture and I want to thank Dolly for taking the time to share this with us. Our hearts go out to the families!

The Jim Haislip Family generously sponsored the 2016 Ruth Haislip Memorial Scholarship. This award was offered to one of our WPRA Junior Members that sent in their transcripts, an essay explaining how horses and rodeo had influenced their life; what capacity they had competed or worked with rodeos at any level and where do they see themselves in 10 years. They had to be attending college or about to go off to college. Ruth believed in the importance of a solid education for success in the path you chose to take in life. She set a fine example herself by becoming a veterinarian of medicine. This scholarship is greatly appreciated as it will help one of our past WPRA Junior members with a few college expenses. The winner of the Ruth Haislip Memorial Scholarship was Tristini Tomlinson a first year college student who served as High School Rodeo President her last year competing in High School Rodeo. Tristini is passionate about horses and is currently working on her business degree.

Ruth’s sons Garret and Tanner shared memories of Ruth pushing them to be the best they could be by taking care of their academic achievements. Jim agreed that Ruth was a stickler for a good education!

Congratulations to our 2016 WPRA CA CIrcuit Rookie Katie Pascoe. Although this was Katie’s Rookie Year, she is no newcomer to Rodeo. She grew up in a Rodeo Family and has been breeding, training, riding colts and competing for most of her life. Katie received a Montana Silversmith’s Trophy Buckle with case for this accomplishment.

Dr. Michele Burgard was invited up to speak. She shared that Dr. Ruth Haislip encouraged her with her schooling and encouraged her to become a veterinary of medicine. She credited Ruth with helping her to fulfill her dreams. Dr. Burgard has sponsored a new award; The 2016 Breeders Award in memory of Ruth Haislip, DVM

The award went to Nellie Williams for breeding, training and competing on a home grown winner. Nellie qualified into the CCF in 3rd place riding Rafter W Minnie Reba aka Sister. Congratulations Nellie for such an accomplishment. Finishing the CCF in 2nd place and winning the average proved that this was a well deserved award. Nellie received a Montana Silversmith’s Buckle from the CCF, and a Sue Rogers Pencil Sketch.

For the past 4 years we have acknowledged a Horse of the Year voted on by peers. The 2016 WPRA CA Circuit Horse of the Year was won by CRCS Regaldash aka Snoop; jockeyed by Kris Gadbois. This award was made possible by sponsors Cross Country Ranch and Justin Insurance. Snoop received an AQHA Trophy, plaque and Back On Track Blanke. Snoop held onto the number one spot, winning the Year End Champion Award. Trophy Saddle sponsored by the CCF and a Branco Ranch Trophy Saddle Rack.

Chris and Charlie Webb were kind enough to sponsor our newest award in memory of the late Rose Webb; a multiple NFR qualifier and one who always was willing to help cowgirls with their up and coming horses. Due to a tie; I found a sponsor for the second award in Memory of Ruth Haislip.

The 2016 WPRA CA Circuit Rising Star Award was given to a young horse who has proven that he or she has the heart and talent to succeed at the Pro Rodeo level. This year two home bred, home raised, and home trained horses tied for the honor. I am excited to announce that JR Naughty Jet aka Naughty and Rafter W Minnie Reba aka Sister are the recipients.
Chris Webb and The Haislip Family proudly gave these awards to jockey’s Katie Pascoe and Nellie Williams. Both received a AQHA Trophy, plaque and Back On Track Blanket.

Our True Grit Cowgirls this year are Charlene Jespersen and Ruth Haislip. Generously sponsored once again by Equerry’s; a True Grit Cowgirl refuses to throw the towel in, shows courage under fire and braveness in the face of adversity. The nominees were Shelley Boyle, Linda Vick, Ruth Haislip, Sandy Christensen, Charlene Jespersen, Katie Varian, Dolli Lautaret and Marilyn Camarillo.

Charlene Jespersen has proven over and over that she is deserving of this award; showing True Grit in all she has accomplished; we hope Charlene will receive her award at this years Divisional Finals November 5th. Jim, Tanner and Garrett Haislip were on hand to receive Ruth’s Award. Ruth qualified for the CCF last year winning two go rounds while quite ill. She battled her illness with grace and fortitude; setting a fine example of a True Grit Cowgirl.

This years Pioneer Cowgirl Award was sponsored by Sue and Larry Rogers. The nominees were:

Sammy Thurman Brackenbury Wanda Cagliari Dude Overton and
Marilyn Camarillo (Judy Marshall will be added to next years nominees)
I would like to congratulate Sammy Thurman Brackenbury for being named our 2016 Pioneer Cowgirl. Sam is a past NFR World Champion and Pioneer of clinics, designing barrel saddles, studying the importance of breeding and much more. Sam has opened doors for us and is looked upon with high regard and respect by generations of men and women. When asked what is the biggest change in barrel racing that she had noticed compared to when she competed; without hesitation Sam said “The added money!”

The qualifiers came up one at a time in order of qualification to pick out an award from our “Awards” table; until they were all gone; then they each exchanged gifts they had for each qualifier. Prior to leaving to get ready for the first performance they picked up their “loot”; each received many sponsored items. The entire list of sponsors can be found on our website:

After each go round the go round winner was given a Montana Silversmith’s Trophy Buckle for their win.

Winners were:
1st go round Trula Churchill
2nd go round Brittney Barnett
3rd go round Nellie Williams
Best Dressed Awards were given to winners in each go round.
1st go round winners: Rachel Dice, Jolee Jordan
2nd go round winners: Rachel Dice, Jolee Jordan
3rd go round winners: Jolee Jordan, Trula Churchill, Rachel Dice

Thank you to the qualifiers that signed autographs after the first go round; and to those qualifiers who mingled in the Sponsor Tent prior to each go round. The sponsors and fans seem to enjoy this interaction and it gives them a chance to meet us in person and ask questions they may have. (This was per our Ground Rules; remember that when ground rules are not followed you may come up on before the BOD for a WPRA infraction; unbecoming conduct)

The CA Circuit Meeting went well. Therese Cobb was on hand representing the PRCA and answered questions. The WPRA CA Circuit presented her with a plaque and pendant in appreciation for serving many times as a liazon for us.

All in all it was a wonderful Finals and I would like to give thanks to our sponsors who made it memorable!

I would like to thank the CCF Qualifiers for presenting me with a flowers, card, Shellie Horn purse and Heart J Cowgirl/Jane Nichols hand made necklace with my brand. I certainly did not expect anything and am grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness with these lovely gifts.

Thank you Johnny Zamrzla and the California Finals Rodeo Committee for presenting me with a beautiful Montana Silversmith’s Trophy Buckle and case for my service these past 5 years. Another surprise that I did not anticipate. It truly has been my pleasure serving on the Board and I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to learn more about our industry!

I would like to remind you to read your 2017 Rule Book; the season is upon us.

Ballots are in for Justin Best Footing and I was once again disappointed with the lack of participation. I certainly hear from many when you feel ground needs improvement; this is your opportunity to reward those committees who do their best to work the ground to keep it safe and consistent. We also recognize Most Improved Ground at this time. This is YOUR organization; so take the time to involve yourself...your opinion does matter!

This will be my last year serving as your Circuit Director so if you are interested in running for CA Circuit Director get your membership in and submit yourself for nomination.

There will be a Gold Card Reunion during this years NFR. Check out World of Rodeo Reunion on face book;

As always if you have any questions contact me.

Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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