Futurity/Derby forms are available below. These PDFs make it easy to print your nomination and mail or fax it directly to the WPRA. Just open the PDF and print it.

General Information

It is important to read all the Futurity/Derby Division rules found in the WPRA Rule Book. The rules pertaining to Futurity/Derby begin on page 157 of the WPRA Rule Book.

The Futurity/Derby season is November 15-September 30. The cut-off for nominations is September 30 of each season.

Futurity/Derby Producer Information
1.1.1. Any member with a current WPRA Card, Permit, or Junior in good standing is eligible to compete in the WPRA Futurity and Derby events. 
1.1.3. All Futurity entries must be horses 5 years old and younger. Horse may have never competed for money, prizes or points any time before Nov. 15 of previous year. Futurity horses have one (1), year of eligibility.
1.1.4. All Derby entries must be horses 7 years old and younger, as long as they did not compete in futurities as a 4 year old. (If competed in futurity as a 4 year old, then cutoff age for derby horse is 6 years old.) Derby horses have two (2) years of eligibility, either as a five (5) and six (6) year old or as a Six (6) and seven (7) year old, depending upon the horses age as a futurity horse. 
1.1.5. All Futurities will be a 2D format with a 1-second split in the go rounds only. If Futurity is not a 2D it will be treated as a 2D by the WPRA and points will be allotted as set forth in the point guideline. All Derbies will be a 1D format.
1.1.6. Members may roll their futurity and derby times over into a non-sanctioned open or "D" race as long as the futurity and derby are run prior to the open or "D" race that they are rolling their time into.

Futurity/Derby Nomination Rules
• All Futurity and Derby horses must be nominated into the program. 
• To nominate a horse you must send in a photo of your horse, copy of registration papers (or vet affidavit as to age) and a signed nomination form (found on website) to the WPRA office. 
• There are no qualification requirements to enter the futurity or derby at the WPRA World Finals. However all riders must be a WPRA member to compete and all horses must be nominated.