The WPRA Tour is point based and reflects a member's 7 best results (out of the 60 qualifying events) where they competed and won money. There is no minimum or maximum # of events to participate. There is a 15- point scale, with points allocated from 15 points (for 1st place money) to 1 point (for 15th place money). No more than15 positions will be awarded points. At a 2 head event, points are allocated to the average only. Ties will be broken by looking at a competitor's money won at their 5 best point events on the WPRA Tour standings. Read more

The following standings and rodeo count are unofficial and subject to audit.

(The following rodeos are NOT included in your rodeo count unless you placed, Rodeo Count will be updated for all contestants once rodeo has been audited.)

Rodeos not included in Rodeo Count:

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