WPRA CA Circuit News - 7/28/15


Marguerite Happy

The 105th California Rodeo at Salinas is in the books. Congratulations to Christina Richman and her tough horse Stitch for winning their third Salinas Title!  We had the highest amount of entries in the history of this rodeo with over 150 girls. As usual we had turnout and releases, which are to be expected during this busy time of the year. 

I would like to thank Henry Dill Track Director and his crew. Henry agreed to run two tractors this year with expert dirt masters at the wheel. Using two tractors saved time on the drags, helped the hand rake crew and kept the ground safe, fair and consistent for all entered. Thank you Craig Andrus, Chris Nielson,Tina Dairies who hand flags, sets pattern and puts together a hand rake crew of loyal barrel enthusiasts.

A special thanks to Betty Breaux-Muzio and Patti Silva who kept things rolling on the track again. This helps to ensure that Salinas will remain Unlimited entries and I cannot thank these ladies enough for their dedication to our Circuit!  We held our annual fundraiser “Side Pot” headed up by Stacey Freitas.  Our CA Circuit Sidepot had 41 entries, paid out $2,171, and the profit was $930 – of which 100% went to our CA Circuit for 2015 awards!   Thank you to all who participated. It is a win-win for everyone entered!  California Rodeo Salinas enforce a rule they have had for several years; no video cameras. They were kind enough to give Jeff Freitas Video a Media pass so Jeff could film the barrel racers. If you are interested in your runs contact Jeff or Stacey Freitas. 

We held a General Membership Meeting during Salinas and learned many new things regarding the future of the WPRA. It pays to attend these meetings and to be involve. Thank you to all of you who made time for this meeting including Carolynn Veitor WPRA President and Jerri Mann WPRA VP.  Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Committee attended our General Membership Meeting;   they are staunch advocates for barrel racing and rodeo in general, educating many on the benefits of our beloved sport.
Saturday at noon on the track Tanimura and Antle sponsored The Special Rodeo and I want to share that this was the highlight of the Salinas Rodeo for me. Our little saucy mare Zan Par Superstar aka Hannah gave rides to these Rodeo Champs and I was honored to be a part of these precious memories!

Lyndee Stairs has stepped up to the plate and is going to be writing articles on some members which will be published on the CA Circuit News Page “Members In Focus”. Be sure to keep looking on our official WPRA CA Circuit page for updated articles, news, official information regarding upcoming finals and more.  Also, like our WPRA CA Circuit Page as we share a lot of news here as well.

Marilyn Peterson is our Permit expert, if you have any questions regarding Permits call Marilyn. Permit standings have been updated through July 6th and are posted.

Thank you to Amy Robinson who has joined our team helping Marilyn keep accurate track of Permit, Futurity and Derby standings in our Circuit.  Lita Scott is our Junior advisor if anyone has Junior questions.

Futurity/Derby advisors are Lyndee Stairs, Amy Robinson and Noel Cosca.  Thank you to the rest of my Spokeswoman: Ann Scott, Linda Vick, Pattie Mackie, Stacey Freitas, Karla Sanchez, Pam Ross. These woman help to make our Circuit strong.

If anyone would like to step up to the plate and offer assistance as  Roping Rep...I would greatly appreciate your assistance. We have CA Circuit Ropers this year and it seems to be growing. I would like to see this continue.

I am currently working on sponsorships to achieve above and beyond our previous year’s awards. If you can help in any way, shape or form please contact me ASAP.   I’m really hoping we can offer a Championship Saddle to the Fast Time winner at our Divisional Finals this year.  The saddle would be awarded to the contestant who runs the fastest time in any of our 3 Finals races – it could be won by a Junior, Permit or Cardholder.  This would be a great extra incentive for our Divisional Finals.  Please help me achieve this goal by getting your raffle tickets sold ASAP, and letting me know about any sponsorship ideas you may have.

Thank you Kaci Schaffer for heading up our Raffle Committee.  If you have not received your Raffle Tickets, contact Kaci.  You must sell $120.00 or 12 $10.00 tickets to be eligible for awards. If not sold and turned in by deadline of September 15th, there is a $50.00 late fee this year.  But, if you wait until September 15th to turn in your money, we won’t have it in time to do some major awards by the Finals on November 7th.  So please, please, please, support your Circuit and send in your ticket stubs and money to Kaci NOW.   You’ve had your Raffle Tickets for over a month now, and only 14 members have sold their ticket packets (out of 200+ CA Circuit members)!   Especially for those of you in the Top 5 for Permits, Juniors and Divisional Standings – you know you’ll make it in.  Please send your money now so I can purchase awards.   Thank you to those 14 who have sold their ticket packets and turned the money into Kaci.  Our CA Circuit webpage shows results of tickets sold -  how many and who sold them.  Please let me add your name to that list!  Thank you.

The year is nearly over—time to think about cut-off dates for the upcoming Finals events.  CA Circuit Finals Rodeo count – you will need 13 rodeos if you live in the Circuit, 15 rodeos if you reside outside the Circuit.  The cut-off date for money won is the 30 days prior to the 1st performance in  our Circuit Finals (October 17th) – so your cut-off date for money won to count for the CA Circuit Finals Rodeo is September 16th.    Our Divisional Finals will be held Saturday, November 7th at Spurr Ranch, and the Top 12 in the Permit Standings, Junior Standings, and Divisional Standings are eligible to enter and compete.  Cut-off date for our Divisional Finals is September 30th, which is the traditional year-end cut-off date, and it corresponds with the National WPRA cut-off date for money won to be counted for the 2015 Rodeo year.  You must be a 2015 and 2016 WPRA Member for the last rodeos of the year to count for 2016 Circuit rodeos.  It pays to renew your membership each and every year. The WPRA has so much to offer everyone these days.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you,

Marguerite Happy
WPRA CA Circuit Director


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