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Pro rodeo Monthly Schedule - January 2015
Updated 8/27/14

Every effort is made to list the most current entry opening/closing information on the WPRA web site. Check periodically, in case a change has been made. Information in WPRN reflects the best information at the time of publication. The PRCA's ProRodeo Sports News is another source for information, it is printed on a bi-monthly basis.

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January 2015

Waco, TX 01/01/2015 - 01/03/2015
PRCA Rodeo
Texas Circuit Finals
Arena: Extraco Events Center
Location: 4601 Bosque Blvd.
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Perfs/Time:Three: TBA
Slack: No Slack
Stalls: Yes
Event / Entry Fee / Added Money:
- Barrels / $225.00 / $3500.00
Eligibility: Top 12 WPRA/PRCA Texas Circuit Standings
Stock Contractor: Various
Member Dues: TBA
Ground Rules: Only actual contestant with back numbers and companions with tickets will be admitted to rodeo. Money is committee purse of $3,500, WPRA matching funds of $3,000, estimated sponsor dollar amount of $2,182, estimated circuit dollar TBD. Contestants enter through Gate 10 on Lake Air Drive to park. Contestants will check-in with secretary at the Extraco Events Center to pays fees and pick-up packets (back numbers, jackets, meeting schedules) between 4 and 5:30 PM on Thursday, Jan. 1. Mandatory Contestant Meeting-Jan. 1 5:30pm. Stalls- contestants will receive one free stall. Any other horses or extras will be charged $15 per stall, per night. Shaving for sale on site. No outside shavings are allowed. Payoff- Will pay four places in the go-rounds and average. If a contestant turns out in a go-round, contestant must turn out the next go-round (does not apply to Visible injury. To receive Texas Circuit generated year-end awards, contestants must enter and compete in all go-rounds of The Ram Texas Circuit Finals unless valid release is received through WPRA. Click here for complete ground rules.

Harrisburg, PA 01/15/2015 - 01/17/2015
PRCA Rodeo
First Frontier Circuit Finals
Arena: Pa Farm Show Complex
Location: 2300 N. Cameron St.
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Perfs/Time:Three: Jan 15 7:00pm; Jan 16 7:00pm; Jan 17 5:00pm
Slack: No Slack
Stalls: Yes
Event / Entry Fee / Added Money:
- Barrels / $0.00 / $10786.00
Eligibility: Top 12 WPRA/PRCA First Frontier Circuit Standings
EOO: Dec 29 11:00am
EC: Dec 30 11:00am
Stock Contractor: Various
Member Dues: Dec 22 5:00pm
Ground Rules: Total money includes the estimated committee purse of $5,500, estimated sponsor money of $2,286, WPRA matching funds of $3,000, estimated $3 amount TBD. Entry fees will be paid by the First Frontier Circuit. All Go-rounds and average will pay four places. Click here for complete ground rules.

Fort Worth, TX 01/23/2015 - 02/07/2015
PRCA Rodeo
Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show
Arena: Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum
Location: 3301 West Lancaster Ave
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Perfs/Time:Twenty eight + Finals: January 23, Friday 7:30 PM January 24, Saturday 10:00 AM January 24, Saturday 2:00 PM January 24, Saturday 7:30 PM January 25, Sunday 2:00 PM January 25, Sunday 7:30 PM January 26, Monday 7:30 PM January 27, Tuesday 7:30 PM January 28, Wednesday 7:30PM January 29, Thursday 7:30 PM January 30, Friday 2:00 PM January 30, Friday 7:30 PM January 31, Saturday 10:00 AM January 31, Saturday 2:00 PM January 31, Saturday 7:30 PM February 1, Sunday 2:00 PM February 1, Sunday 7:30 PM February 2, Monday 2:00 PM February 2, Monday 7:30 PM February 3, Tuesday 2:00 PM February 3, Tuesday 7:30 PM February 4, Wednesday 2:00 PM February 4, Wednesday 7:30 PM February 5, Thursday 2:00 PM February 5, Thursday 7:30 PM February 6, Friday 2:00 PM February 6, Friday 7:30 PM February 7, Saturday 2:00 PM February 7, Saturday 7:30 PM Finals
Slack: No Slack
Stalls: Yes 817-877-2400
Event / Entry Fee / Added Money:
- Barrels / $316.00 / $35000.00
Eligibility: Cards Only Limited to 210
Stock Contractor: Rafter G/Neal Gay and Jim Gay
Member Dues: TBA
Ground Rules: Trade deadline-TBA 5:00pm. Extended grace period TBA. Limited to 210 Contestants. Qualifications will be as follow 17 will be selected from the 2015 pro rodeo qualification standings based on winnings seven days prior to entry closing. 151 will be selected from the 2014 pro rodeo qualification standings. 4 will be selected from the 2015 WPRA/PRCA Texas Circuit Standings based on winnings seven days prior to entry closing. 38 will be selected from the 2014 WPRA/PRCA Texas Circuit Standings. 30 hour replacement policy will be effect. Format: If 210 entries there will be one run with a progressive second run or the top 70 contestants and a short go of the top ten. Example: There are 28 performances plus the finals performance. There will be 10 contestants per performance. If there are 210 entered, the first go will be run in the first 21 performances and the top 70 fastest times from the first go will get a second run in performances 22-28. The top 10 in the average on the first two runs will run in the short go. Second Round Trades: Preference for the second go will be accepted by the Rodeo Secretary at anytime. All preferences and changes to preferences must be turned into the Rodeo Secretary prior to the end of the long go on Tuesday, February 3. If your preference is not in the office by the deadline you will be given a no-preference draw. Priority for progressive go round will be fastest time to slowest time with fastest time having top priority. If less than 210 entries, there will be an option to drop to 140 entries and there will be two go's back to back and a short go, maximum of 10 in the short go. The ten in the short go will be determined by the total times from the two runs. Short go will be run slowest to fastest. The ground will be hand raked after each run. WPRA dress code will apply. The Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show requests you provide rodeo patrons with a good show and a lot of "bling"! All contestants enter the grounds via intersection of Trail Drive and W.R. Watt Drive at Gate 35, then proceed to Burnett Tandy Drive. Further directions on parking will be provided at this time. Unload horses and tack in stalls provided. 10x10 stalls will be provided at "no charge" for a 24 hour period around that contestant's performance time. Horses must be stalled in designated stalls. Trailers must be moved immediately to the remote trailer parking lot. Remote trailer parking lot is secured 24 hours a day. Any trailer unhooked from vehicle within the show grounds will be towed at owners expense. Vehicles will park in designated lot on coliseum grounds. Contestant Hospitality transportation on the grounds will be provided. All contestants must sign a release or liability and any other forms provided by the Rodeo Secretary before competing. Only actual contestant and one companion allowed gate access. Must have Certificate or Veterinary Inspection issued within forty-five days and Negative Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) test, also know as a "Coggins" Test, within the past twelve (12) months. Test date, accession number and name of laboratory must be listed on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Exemption: Equine may enter shows, fairs, exhibitions or assemblies without a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection when accompanied by a valid equine interstate passport or equine identification card and a completed VS Form 10-11 showing negative results to an official EIA test within the previous six (6) months. All contestants entered will be given a back number. Any misuse of back number will be cause for disqualification. Contestant will have access to one rodeo ticket for the performance in which they are competing. Companion passes are not allowed to enter the Coliseum without a ticket. WPRA members not entered in the rodeo will not be permitted to enter the Coliseum with a WPRA card. Contestants must ride in the Grand Entry at the rodeo performance in which they are competing. No overnight camping on Stock Show Grounds. Overnight parking of horse trailers must be in designated Stock Show trailer parking area. Truck and trailers rigs left on Stock Show grounds overnight will be towed at owner's expense. No dogs, with exception of specialty acts and sheep dog trials, will be allowed on grounds including Stock Show parking lots. No one other than judges and show officials will be allowed in alleyways and arena during the barrel race event.

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