3/4/2022-WPRA Members,

Results from the WPRA Election have been tallied by the WPRA auditor. The election results are as follows:

Jimmie Munroe- 376 Votes
Becky Nix- 103 Votes

Vice President:
Heidi Schmidt- 338 Votes
Jymmy Kay Cox- 140 Votes

First Frontier:
*No Eligible Candidate

Columbia River:
*No Eligible Candidate

Montana Circuit:
Dillon McPherson – 26 Votes

Mountain States Circuit:
Carla Beckett – 47 Votes

Southeastern Circuit:
Bricklee Miller – 41 Votes

Texas Circuit:
Lois Ferguson- 63 Votes
Kappy Allen- 40 Votes

Wilderness Circuit:
Julie Herman – 19 Votes

The election ballot was sent to 1,604 eligible WPRA voting members. A total of 488 completed election ballots were received by the WPRA auditor.