2009 Board Meeting


WPRA Board of Directors Meeting
Double Tree Hotel
Colorado Springs, Colorado
August 30 & 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

1A. 7:15-7:30- President & Attorney Reports
1B. 7:30-8:15- PESI Program Update
2. 8:15-9:15- 2009 WPRA Finals Review 
3. 9:15-10:15- Review of 2010 RFP Process Results for World Finals 
Break, 10:15-10:30
4A.10:30-10:45- Continuation of 2010 RFP Process Results for World Finals
4B. 10:45-11:15- RFP Discussion
4C. 11:15-11:30- Misc. Discussion Items
5. 11:30-12:00- Election Committee Update & Issues 
Lunch, 12:00-12:45 
6. 1-4:45 Review of 2010 Rule Proposals
Break, 2:30-2:45
7. 4:45-5::15- VP Report 
Dinner, 7:00pm

Monday, August 31, 2009

1. 7:15-8:00- 2008 Audit status- Executive session
2. 8-10:00 Major Violations- Executive session
Break, 10-10:10 
3A. 10:15-12:00 Major Violations- Executive session
3B. 12:00-12:30- Violation Debate- Executive session 
Lunch, 12:30-1:30
4. 1:30-2:30- Office Update
5. 2:30-3:30pm- 2008 NFR Update



Attendees: Officers: Kathi Myers, Jerri Mann, Circuit & Event Directors: Imogene Fyffe, Lisa Novak, Lana Tibbetts, Laura Lambert, Kristie Hurn, Lanita Powers, Beth Borowy, Tamme Fussell, Lois Ferguson, Kali Jo Parker, Kim Thomas, Business Director: Chelle Wahlert, Attorney: Dana Eismeier, Interim Executive Secretary: Janet Cropper, Remote attendees: Gina Graham, Sindi Jandreau, Sarah Kieckhefer.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meeting called to order by President, Kathi Myers at 7:45 AM

Financial & Strategic Growth Discussion
The 2006 WPRA Financial Compilation was distributed to all new Directors and the 2007 WPRA Financial Compilation was distributed to all Directors. The Board reviewed a historical timeline highlighting the WPRA’s financial condition, policies & practices since 2001 as well as made note a 2008 financial audit is currently underway.

WPRA World Finals Discussion
Western Integrity (retained by the WPRA in late 2008 as a production company to handle all logistics for Tulsa) discussed their progress to date with organizing this year’s Finals and identifying sponsorship opportunities. They also reviewed requirements to consider once the contract in Tulsa expires at the end of 2009. Future sites consideration includes the timing of the event in an attempt to avoid overlap with a circuit finals and geographic considerations.

Motion: Give Western Integrity the go ahead to go to Tulsa and continue their work with locking in sponsors.
Motion amended: Give Western Integrity the go ahead to go to Tulsa and continue their work with locking in sponsors and include Kim & Imogene. Motion passed 

Kathi reviewed with the Board the WPRA’s obligations, coverage and the opportunities while at the NFR meeting in December.

DNCFR Update
Kathi provided an update of her meetings with Karl Stressman. 

Motion: The WPRA Board of Directors agrees to the latest letter from the PRCA. Motion passed.

Guest Speaker
Karl Stressman joined the meeting as a guest and addressed the Board. Mr. Stressman discussed his views about the world of rodeo and his views on how to improve and strengthen the relationship between the WPRA & PRCA.

WPRN Update
Ann reviewed with the Board the income and expense levers which impact the magazine’s profitability and success she has had with reducing the cost per issue. 

Committee Review

Magazine Committee (New)
It was decided that a Magazine Committee would be formed to help define the role of the magazine (for member
news/interests, sponsor reach, etc), challenge thinking, provide Board input, establish editorial guidance, etc
Board Representation: 3 Board members- Lana (Chairperson), Laura and Sarah

Protest Committee
The Board reviewed the current policy and process for the Protest committee. (The Protest Committee deals with minor rule violations only.) 
Board Representation: 3 Members- Jerri (Chairperson), a new rotating Director each month and the Director from the protestor’s circuit 

Grievances are handled by the full Board as outlined under section 1.4 in the rule book. Jerri is the Chairperson who will facilitate between the office and the Board for an efficient review process.

Election Committee
With the fall ’09 election coming up, the Board will reconvene the Election Committee to review the process and timing necessary to have a smooth election.
Board Representation: 3 Members- Sindi (Chairperson), Kali Jo and Beth 

Rule Book Committee (New)
It was decided a Rule Book committee would be formed to help provide the office/Board/members with clear interpretations of rules, provide content for the Q & A sections of our magazine and the web site and explore options for rewriting and formatting the rule book.
2 Members- Jerri and Sindi (requesting input from Jolee- former Board member)

Communications Committee (New)
It was decided a Communications Committee would be formed to create communications direction, policy, guidelines and timing for improved and more frequent communications with members.
Board Representation: 4 Members- Chelle (chairperson) Gina, Lana and Kristie

WPRA Finals Committee
A committee already exists to oversee this year’s finals.
Board Representation: 7 Members Imogene (chairperson) Jerri, Tamme, Lois, Gina, Lisa and Lanita 

Business Committee
The Board reviewed a historical timeline outlining the creation and purpose of the Business Committee and how to fill Kathi’s remaining term of 1 year
Motion: Appoint Laura as Business Director to fill Kathi’s remaining 1 year term. Motion passed
5 Members- Kathi as President (chairperson) Imogene, Lisa (at large Director), Chelle and Laura 

Junior Committee
The Board discussed the critical importance of Juniors as part of the future growth strategy for WPRA
Board Representation: 3 Members- Tamme (chairperson), Sarah and Jerri

Note: As President, Kathi is part of all committees.

Kathi provided a recap of the days activities and adjourned the meeting until the next morning 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Meeting called to order by President, Kathi Myers at 8:15 AM

Banker Review of WPRA Accounts
The WPRA day to day and investment bankers provided the Board with a review of the relationship, outlined current account performance, fee structure and reiterated the conservative nature of WPRA investments. 

Member Question- Held in Executive Session

Major Violation Review- Held in Executive Session

WPRA Contribution Commitments
The Board reviewed a list of organizations which the WPRA supports with contributions.
Donation levels were reviewed and established for 2009 

International Participation at WWF
The Board reviewed requests received from Australia, Italy and Brazil to participate in the WPRA World Finals as well as handling competitors from Hawaii. 

Motion: Create an honorary circuit and a 1 time special membership card for International participation at the WWF.
Motion: Include the state of Hawaii with the California Circuit to qualify for the WWF. Motion passed

Reviewed Office Policy for hardship cases regarding membership

Reviewed a remaining invoice for 2008 NFR & WPRA World Finals 
Pay the invoice. Motion passed

Rule Proposals for 2010
The Board discussed revising the date for 2010 rule proposals in order to allow for a November, 2009 distribution the 2010 Rule Book

Circuit Directors were reminded to submit a list of Spokespeople to be approved by the Board

Summer 2009 Board of Directors Meeting
The Board set the next meeting date for August 30 & 31, 2009. A location will be identified.

Kathi adjourned the meeting