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WPRA Board of Directors Meeting
March 5, 6 &7, 2010
Houston Texas

In Attendance: Kathi Myers, Jerri Mann, Jessica Melvin, Amber West, Gina Graham, Kristie Hurn, Beth Ann Borowy, Kim Thomas, Donna Irvin, Lana Tibbetts, Laura Lambert, Tana Poppino, Tamme Fussell, Lois Ferguson, Sarah Kieckhefer, Kali Jo Parker, Dana Eismeier- WPRA Attorney and Janet Cropper- WPRA Executive Secretary

Friday, March 5, 2010, 1:30-5:30 PM - Directors Orientation

All Officers and Directors participated in a review of the WPRA Directors Handbook.

Saturday, March 6, 2010, 8:00 AM-5:30 PM- General Meeting

Kathi Myers called the meeting to order. Welcome and outlines agenda for next 2 days

President's Report- Kathi Myers
Highlights include last year's goals; building bridges with members, committees and PRCA. 
For 2010 we will continue our efforts to increase communications with each group.

Vice President's Report- Jerri Mann
Highlights include: update on the success of the 2009 WPRA Saddle Rotation program and the 2009 WNFR Star Celebration which included the top 15, committees and sponsors. Additionally, Jerri reminded all of the overall need to directly support our sponsors.

Attorney's Report- Dana Eismeier
Highlights include: a primer on the importance of the WPRA Business Plan. He reminded all of the importance of the WPRA pyramid strategy, which identifies the role of our elite segment, middle segment and the importance of newer efforts including Futurity/Derby, PESI, juniors and Co-approvals to overall WPRA growth.

Sponsorship Update- Katie Hollingsworth, Western Integrity
Katie, briefed the Directors on the importance of supporting all WPRA sponsors whenever possible. She further explained the very different climate which exists when seeking sponsorship partners. Money is very tight with sponsors. They need to see a clear return in terms of a lift in sales in order to consider allocating valuable dollars to anyone.

Katie provided a recap of 2009 sponsors and their funding. Next she explained the strategy for 2010. Several proposals are out in the hands of existing and new sponsors. Lastly she provided an update on joint marketing efforts with the PRCA.

2009 Financial Recap and 2010 Budget Recommendation- Janet Cropper
Janet provided a preliminary recap of 2009 financials. The official audit, which will finalize 2009, will be available from our external Auditor by mid April. Janet outlined the proposed 2010 budget, as approved by the Business Committee.

Major Violations Hearings- Closed Session- all Directors

Meeting adjourned for the day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010 8:00 AM- 4:00PM- General Meeting

Roping Update and Strategy for 2010- Jessica Melvin, Roping Director
Jessica reviewed how she sees achieving growth in the Roping segment of our business. She is advocating a very big push for new membership and the need for the Women's World Finals to be core of the value proposition.

2010 Women's World Finals Strategic Committee Update- Janet Cropper and Laura Lambert were asked to present on behalf of the committee
Janet provided context from the 2009 experience and reviewed the analysis performed by the WWF Strategic Committee. She walked the Board through the committee's logic and conclusion to hold a 2010 World Finals in Lincoln, NE and to re-position it for greater member and non member participation. The WWF committee is also going to change production management, re-format events and apply new sponsor segmentation to broaden sponsor engagement.

Laura Lambert shared a new business opportunity/proposition to consider for diversifying income streams both short and long term.

2010 WPRA Business Objectives- Janet Cropper
Janet outlined a preliminary list of objectives to consider given the difficult economic climate facing members, committees, sponsors and desired growth plans. Recommendations focus on income generation (aggressive membership drives), expense management (a disciplined approach to spending), membership satisfaction (what is on members minds) and considering the need to experiment at diversifying income streams.

Miscellaneous Topics- Kathi Myers
The Directors concluded slot races are not to count toward WPRA points or standings. There is a need to focus more attention around our junior membership effort. Roping and Rough Stock will be referred to as Roping Division as we get more focused on that business. There is little opportunity around rough stock activities. The association Contribution budget was determined for 2010.

Committee Assignments-Reviewed by Kathi Myers and Jerri Mann
Election Committee - Tana Poppino (chair), Jessica, Lana, Beth and Jerri
Rule Book Committee- Kathi (chair), Sarah and Janet

Circuit Updates- provided by each Director

The next Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 29 & 30, 2010 in Colorado Springs.

Meeting is adjourned.