Futurity/Derby Program Nominations

Program Nominations

Nomination First Name Last Name Registered Name Sire Dam
Derby Christina Curley Bar B Boogies Secret Frenchmans Boogie Carmel Boonsmal
Derby Janci Hannen Charmed N A Doll Famous Charmer Frenchmans Doll
Derby Emily Hannaford Chasin A Firefly Chasin Firewater Famous Alibi
Derby Hilary Van Gerpen Danger On The Rocks Firewaterontherocks Pietana
Derby Brittany Ellis Dasha Bye Bug Dashin Bye Miss Jesse Bug
Derby Brandy York Famous Moon Fling A Streak of Fling TE Famous Effort
Derby Teresa Peterson Firewater Requests Firewater Finale Request Klass
Derby Wendy Platts Frenchmans Firestar Frenchmans Guy Rojo Irish Barbie
Derby Janci Hannen Guy With Speednclass Frenchmans Guy Smashingly Classic
Derby Rylea Platts Guyz Smooth Amber A Smooth Guy Amber Holland
Derby Alisha Perret HG Flashin Cash KS Cash N Fame PC Snow White
Derby Cindy Baltezore Ima Famous Design Dash Ta Fame LM A classy Design
Derby Kari DeMarais Jess A Chance Jess Jones Unlika Angel
Derby Jody Tucker KG Azure Cashin Chex Azyoucansee Winning Gold Chex
Derby Karen Gleason Mobetta Fame A Smooth Guy Daves Jet Ta Fame
Derby Kaci Mitchell Naked Without a Caus CC Royal Red A Perfect Moon
Derby Callie Jones Nickel Dee Frosted Blues Flash Frost Miss Snickle Dee
Derby Cheryl Wallace Not Jess Any Guy Frostman San Peppy Shanes Reverie
Derby Fonda Melby RC Heart Of Cartel Heart Of The Cartel RC Back In Black
Derby Karen Gleason Red Bull Look JD Look Daves Jet Ta Fame
Derby Margaret Jones Road Trippin Famous Charmer French Made
Derby Amber Garrett Royal Quick Jess Jess Vegas Quick Dash Hancock
Derby Annie Hasselbalch Seis La Vie Frostman San Peppy Three And Out
Derby Margaret Jones Shes Packin Dynamite Famous Charmer NF Frenchmans Dyna
Derby Molly Otto Sixappeal More Nachos Six it Up
Derby Ashley Nelson Stevie Rae Magnum Magnum Chic Dream Starlights Sally
Derby Bethany Oland TT Flashlight CS Flashlight Shadow Bee Low
Derby Shelley Holman Wood B Fun Woodbridge Making Fun
Derby Noel Cosca Wood Buzz For Cash Buzz Word Cashy Driftwood
Futurity Kristen Meyer A French Valentine Cute French Guy Doc Ette Cash
Futurity Amber Garrett A Texas Rocket Jess Vegas Litle Texas Rocket
Futurity Amanda Radford Abar of Fools Gold Firewater Fooler Lady Bug Alg
Futurity Donna Irvin Alabama Hannah A Smooth Guy Go Wilma Dash
Futurity Kelsey Streeter All American Chase All American Royal CSE Watch It Diva
Futurity Karen Lambert Mueck Bet Onthe Talent Prime Talent Corona Rosie
Futurity Karen Gleason Cadi Ta Fame A Smooth Guy Daves Jet Ta Fame
Futurity Augusta DeMarais CC Mark PC Frenchmans Mark Cashawnies Jazz
Futurity Marci Jackson CF Dashin Jack Streakin To Fame Piguita Run Baby
Futurity Marci Jackson CF Diggin To Fame Streakin To Fame Frosted Blue Money
Futurity Lori Blum DollarsRunninTaFame Dash Ta Fame Dollars Flasher
Futurity Ashley Day Driftin Little Lena Lena Red Pep Rubys Drift
Futurity Teresa Peterson DTF Peponi Dash Ta Fame Bright Flags
Futurity Cheyenne Hattesen Einsteins Boomerilla Einsteins Revolution Angierilla Boom
Futurity Lora Nichols Fabs Famous Kat Frenchmans Fabulous Famous Meerkat
Futurity Cindy Baltezore Famous Bartman Holy Bart Darkwing Duck
Futurity Stephanie Newman Famous Golden Angel Dash Ta Fame French Kiss of Gold
Futurity Karla Sanchez Famous Wild Cash JB Proud N Famous Little Wild Cash
Futurity Ashley Day Flash N Dynamite First Moonflash Ima Dyno Doc Tari
Futurity Carly Taylor Fling on Ice A Dash to Streak Bullys on Ice
Futurity Hilary Van Gerpen Flingin Them Jeans A Streak of Fling KR Jean Bug
Futurity Amanda Radford Flinging Blue Safire Firewater Fooler Blue Streak of Fling
Futurity Hilary Van Gerpen Flits Complicated Firewater Finale Its Complicated
Futurity Ashley Day Fly N Famous Wanta Be Famous Bucks for Bullet
Futurity Sharon Ann Munn French Babalulu Ante Up Guy Bully Babalu
Futurity Sandi Brandli FRENCHIESLANETAFAME BHR Frenchies Socks Short Lane Ta Fame
Futurity Cheryl Wallace Frostmans Houdini Frostman San Peppy Magnolia Whistle
Futurity Terri Welch GF Hell ofa Ride Guys Fame DNA Superbowl Sunday
Futurity Samantha Lane Guys Oregon Twist Guys Pocket Coin Dandy Pistol Twist
Futurity Jennifer Cook Happy N Famous NA NA
Futurity Ashley Day Heza Frosty Cowboy Cowboys Cartel YU Laughing Frost
Futurity Alisha Perret JF Bay Bombshell KS Cash N Fame PC Miss Sugar Leo
Futurity Bailey Garber JLP Velvet Chevron Jets Last Payday Blue Velvet Bug
Futurity Kari DeMarais Just Call Me Mark PC Frenchmans Mark Just Call Me Lisa
Futurity Rylea Platts JW Maxed Out Frenchmans Maximum Famous Brandi
Futurity Kathy Grimes KG Juststealingcash Judge Cash Do It For Beau
Futurity Stephanie Newman Knock Ya Socks Off BHR Frenchies Socks Special Dream Dash
Futurity Abbie Hughes Merlyn Foo Foose Five Bar Lily
Futurity Annie Hasselbalch Munndys Good Friday Frostman San Peppy Povertys Munndy
Futurity Nikki Singler My Daddys Slick Slick By Design Dashin Sassy Feather
Futurity Hilary Van Gerpen Never Seis Never Frostman San Peppy Three and Out
Futurity Molly Otto No Lion Shes Flying Lions Share of Fame Fly First Play Later
Futurity Kourtney Woods Pardon Dat French Dats A Frenchman CSE Dash Of Boston
Futurity Margaret Jones Pays To Be Smooth A Smooth Guy Fame N Money
Futurity Shelley Holman Phrozen Phame Bullys Primetimediva
Futurity Callie Jones Platinum Firefighter Ima Firefighter Little Dual Badger
Futurity Fonda Melby RF Chrome In Black Slick By Design RC Back In Black
Futurity Fonda Melby RF Led Me To Fortune Guys Special Leader Mommas Fortune
Futurity Hilary Van Gerpen SEVS Judgement Day Judge Cash Dancing Kaweah Jet
Futurity Emily Rothstein Sharealilfame Lions Share of Fame Hot lil Charmayne
Futurity Lisa Zachoda Six Haydays PC Frenchmans Hayday Raisin Rosa
Futurity Margaret Jones Smooth Operraider A Smooth Guy Rare Red Raider
Futurity Sandi Brandli Southern Shawnee Bug Shawnee Bug Leo Sheza Southern Belle
Futurity Kelley Carrington-French Stoli N Sweet Sweet First Down Stoli Moments
Futurity Karen Gleason Streak Ta Fling A Streak of Fling Daves Jet Ta Fame
Futurity Corenne Duba Streakin French Otoe A Streak of Fling Frenchmans Otoe Girl
Futurity Molly Otto Teasin Dat Guy Frenchman's Guy Teasin Jetolena
Futurity Nikki Singler The Sound of Silence Judge Cash Chicks Easy Money
Futurity Stevie Brown TR Stole The Daisies Stoli My Heart TR Badger Seeker Bar
Futurity Karen Lambert Mueck TS Uno Dos Tres Tres My Fame A Little Irish
Futurity Kari DeMarais Victorys First Prize PC Frenchmans Mark VF Burr N Down
Futurity Kaci Mitchell ZFour Still Perkin Perks Alive ZFour Bee Tee Ultimo



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