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Moore Adds Another NFR Round Win to Resume

By Amy Wilson

Eight tipped barrels in Round 8 created some changes in the average with only two rounds remaining of the 2017 Wrangler NFR. Amberleigh Moore however was clean and fast. She and CP Dark Moon “Paige” won Round 8 with 13.54 seconds which makes three round wins for them so far at this year’s WNFR. “All three buckles I’ve won, I’ve been two .54’s and a .56 so it’s been pretty consistent for Paige.” Round 8 has been good to Moore in the past too as she holds the record for this round with 13.37 seconds from 2016.

Moore described the adjustments she made to result in a winning run, “Last night, after tipping two barrels [in Rounds 5 and 6], I backed Paige off. I went to barrel practice and told her that I needed her back in my hands, and last night when I sent her up the alleyway, I made her stay back and just go out and make her pretty, perfect run. Tonight, when I sent her up the alleyway, I told her to get it done.” She then continued with a laugh, “And she listens and we got it done.”

Despite a couple disappointing rounds because of tipped barrels, Moore praised the 8 year old mare by saying, “Yeah, this is Paige’s Playpen, but we didn’t get here because we were perfect. We don’t have consistent ground, and these horses have to adjust every single night we come out there. I am very proud of her.”

Kimmie Wall and Foxy have tipped barrels in the last six rounds, but tonight she was clean with 14.07 seconds and the other barrel racers were thrilled for her. “You know, the most fun thing to see tonight was the look on Kimmie Wall’s face when she ran down the alley and she had a clean run. Everybody was cheering and clapping and praising her. I think that was the most fun of the entire night.”




Ivy Conrado
Photo by Kenneth Springer


Placing second in the round was Tillar Murray with a run of 13.73 seconds. She’s fourth in the average. Ivy Conrado and J Lo clocked 13.86 seconds to place third in the round with 13.86 seconds and hold onto first in the average with 109.93. Nellie Miller is a close second in the average with 109.95. She and Sister also earned another check in the round with a fourth place finish after running 13.87 seconds. Miller is currently third in the WPRA World Standings. Lisa Lockhart and Louie were fifth in the round with a run of 13.93 seconds. They are third in the average. Kellie Collier, who was riding Eagle – the gelding Kassidy Denison previously ran at the WNFR, placed sixth with 13.95 seconds.

Tiany Schuster continues to lead the world standings, but after tipping the first and second barrels in Round 8, she is now eighth in the average. Among the others who struggled with tipped barrels, Hailey Kinsel tipped the third barrel to add five seconds to her time of 13.57 seconds. She is now fourth in the world standings and sixth in the average.

The race continues to determine the 2017 WPRA Barrel Racing World Champion!