WPRA Tour – Message From The WPRA Board

Beginning in the 2016 rodeo year, your directors will ask the Limited Entry Rodeos in their circuit to include at least four tour contestants in their qualifications, and put the WPRA Tour last in the fill order or as far down as possible, in order to give more opportunities to the WPRA Tour contestants. This decision was made by the board at the Kissimmee, FL Board meeting. In our current year, 2015, there are five WPRA Tour Rodeos in each circuit and Canada. This number totals 65 opportunities for our members to qualify for Limited Entry Rodeos. Your top seven tour rodeos will count toward your tour standings. Next year, 2016, if the WPRA Tour fills last, it will allow contestants further down in the standings to enter Limited Entry Rodeos. The WPRA Tour was created to give all members the opportunity to qualify for Calgary and other Limited Entry Rodeos. We feel it is better for most contestants, to have many qualification rodeos to go to, rather than it is to have one qualifier for a Limited Entry Rodeo, giving a member only one chance to qualify. Also, Tour winnings are on a point system, so all members have the same opportunity, no matter how large or small the rodeo is. Please go to the WPRA website to learn more about the rules for these rodeos. Go to WPRA.com, Schedule, WPRA Tour…read more, to read the complete rules.

The board would also like to announce that a WPRA Tour Saddle will be given again this year for the WPRA Tour Champion. This saddle will be awarded at the WPRA Star Celebration during the 2015 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Please call me or your director if you have any questions.

Carolynn Vietor