The WPRA Pro Elite Sire Inventive (PESI) is looking to hire a program manager to promote, build stallion owner and breeder relationships and grow the program.

PESI Manager Job Qualifications

Candidate should have the following background and skills:

  1. A working knowledge of the barrel racing industry, along with contacts in the industry
  2. Basic accounting skills
  3. Know how to work comfortably with Excel &Word
  4. Manage abudget
  5. Sales and marketing experience/background
  6. Proficient in social media management
  7. Good oral and written communicationskills
  8. A goal orientation and desire to meet and achievegoals
  9. The ability to write a business plan for achieving reasonable yearlygoals.
  10. A relationship orientation when working with stallion owners, perspective owners, horse owners, WPRA Directors, other stallion associations,etc.
  11. Good collaborative teamwork skills and be comfortable partnering with theWPRA office on shared functions, i.e. Accounting, web site, paper processes,etc.
  12. Initiative while clearly recognizing that you need to integrate with others, youare part of the WPRAteam.
  13. Discretion


PESI Manager Job Description

The candidate will be responsible for the following:

  1. Generate new stallion enrollments and offspring nominations to meet annual goals
  2. Answer all current and prospective stallion owner and member questions (written or by phone) about the program
  3. Assist the WPRA office in verifying payouts for PESI events
  4. Actively market and promote the PESI program through social media and in person at select events
  5. Assist the WPRA office in managing the PESI Facebook page
  6. Work and collaborate with the WPRA office and PESI committee on a regular basis
  7. Work with the WPRA office to write an annual business development and maintenance plan, defining annual goals and the way to get there including budgets, marketing efforts and joint venture opportunities.
  8. Report the status of PESI program, i.e. Report enrollment volume, provide a review of new/lost stallions, plan marketing communications efforts, identify events by circuit to allocate bonuses toward, etc. on a monthly basis.

This position can be a remote position; you do not need to live in the Colorado Springs area.

It is estimated that this position on average requires 1015 hours of concentrated effort per week. Resumes are required before an interview is granted.Please submit resumes to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you!

The WPRA PESI Working Committee