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By Team Hunter

We lost Fuzz this morning due to colic. Despite our hardest efforts and prayers we humanely sent him to Heaven. Our hearts are broken, we will forever honor, respect and love that horse. God received a great one today.

- Hunter Family

The WPRA sends its deepest condolences to the Hunter Family in the passing of their great horse Fuzz.

The book of life has many chapters as one closes one opens, and as these chapters come and go you are asked to face new challenges and new battles. Some of these chapters are full of wonderful experiences that build you up but then some of these chapters you are asked to take on battles. With each chapter and each experience you are polished and refined creating your own legacy one that you can hang your hat on. Today Team Hunter closes one chapter and opens a new one, we are announcing the retirement of Mr. Fuzz, and he is going to a life of luxury as he lives out his days at the home stead. Team Fuzz was centered on this wonderful horse that has created so many experiences and he will be rewarded with all the food he can eat and the king of the barn (not that he was not already just ask him he owns that place). Team Hunter turns their attention to a new battle, this week we have been placed in the front lines in the war on cancer with marching orders to kick it right in the teeth. We received this life changing news this Thursday that Nancy was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, this new as with anyone took our breath away and in moments stopped us in our tracks. As the test came back the flood of memories came of the time we sat by the bed of the youngest family member when we were given very similar news. But as with that time, we came as a family and support group and steeled ourselves for the war ahead. As with Kolton’s battle research and development in this war is the key to success, he was the recipient of those who came to the battle before and found ways to win the war.

photoNancy Hunter

Team Hunter has been blessed to be able to work with Huntsman Cancer Institute and their wonderful team of doctors and staff. The privilege of working with a facility built for the purpose fighting this battle is a blessing without measure, and has given us an opportunity to not only fight our individual war but help generations to come. As the diagnoses was handed down the team at Huntsman pulled together and evaluated Nancy’s condition looking at her activity level, her cancer type, and most importantly her support network. We have been approached to participate in a new research study and testing called immunology cancer treatment. With Nancy’s history as a nurse she was very excited by this option not only for the chance to attack her cancer but also the influence on the battle for those who follow. The rewards of these research projects have been felt in our family before with Kolton’s fight, he was blessed by those who came before and this allowed him to win his fight. As we move into this battle we want to thank all those around that have already expressed their love and prayers and we want you all to know that you as a support group is a big reason Nancy’s has been placed in this project. We know that we are not alone in this and that is what helps lift us up; “Rising water lifts all Ships” it is time for us to put our drops of water into the sea of life and lift all ships. We also know all things are in Heavenly Fathers hands his will is what will dictate this outcome; we hope that we can do our part in his plan for his children. Things are going to happen really fast in the next few weeks and Nancy’s is going to need all her strength she can muster, we as a support group will take on as much as the daily role and one of those is fielding questions and feeding information. I will do my best to keep all of you in the loop on what is happening here on Nancy’s facebook account, that being said we greatly appreciate your support and prayers. Nancy has asked that if you have any questions or want to express your feelings of support please direct those to me or anyone of my brothers until she has digested this process and actions needed to move forward. Thanks Team Hunter!