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The following standings and rodeo count are unofficial and subject to audit. The hometowns listed below reflects the current mailing address on file. They may or may not represent the circuit designation.

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2021 Pro Rodeo California Circuit Standings
(last updated 2021-05-03)

Money Won
Rodeos Attended
1 Megan Champion Ukiah, CA $12,617.284
2 Nellie Miller Cottonwood, CA $6,893.313
3 Cheyenne Hattesen Lemon Cove, CA $5,910.612
4 Destri Devenport Escondidio, CA $4,054.053
5 Charleen Ornellas Lemoore, CA $3,593.592
6 Rachel Dice Byron, CA $1,606.142
7 Kelsey Hayden Hanford, CA $963.731
8 Katie Pascoe Morro Bay, CA $921.294
9 Tonia Forsberg Fillmore, CA $849.471
10 Kris Gadbois Escondido, CA $833.781
11 Katy Varian (G) Parkfield, CA $424.732
12 Mary Jo Camera Stevinson, CA $409.463
13 Kay Cochran (R) Lipon, TX $325.963
14 Debbie Langdon Jurupa Valley, CA $250.131
15 Lynn Green Lincoln, CA $160.612
16 Kathy Petska Turlock, CA $153.554
17 Kristi Youngblood Willow, CA $102.373