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The following standings and rodeo count are unofficial and subject to audit. The hometowns listed below reflects the current mailing address on file. They may or may not represent the circuit designation.

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2021 Pro Rodeo Maple Leaf Circuit Standings
(last updated 2021-09-15)

Money Won
Rodeos Attended
1 Lynette Brodoway Brooks, AB $14,033.5913
2 Brooke Wills Kamloops, BC $7,731.0912
3 Bradi Whiteside Longview, AB $6,306.9514
4 Kirsty White (G) Maricopa, AZ $5,989.3616
5 Lisa Zachoda Okotoks, AB $4,604.828
6 Diane Skocdopole Big Valley, AB $4,597.5416
7 Lakota Bird Nanton, AB $3,835.2113
8 Joleen Seitz Savona, BC $3,542.428
9 Marci Laye (G) Bashaw, AB $3,216.9114
10 Kylie Whiteside Longview, AB $2,687.9316
11 Mariah Mannering Quesnel, BC $2,532.8314
12 Bailee Switzer Aneroid, SK $2,393.249
13 Rusty Rae Woodward Wainwright, AB $1,951.5011
14 Brandy McPhee (R) Yellowhead County, AB $1,408.215
15 Carman Pozzobon Savona, BC $1,273.438
16 Bertina Olafson Hudson Bay, SK $1,066.438
17 Vanessa Leggett Kamloops, BC $1,000.554
18 Cranna Roberts Red Deer County, AB $924.0211
19 Toni Dixon Foothills, AB $690.907
20 Melissa Thiessen Stettler, AB $335.588
21 Sarah Gerard Savona, BC $248.1610