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The following standings and rodeo count are unofficial and subject to audit. The hometowns listed below reflects the current mailing address on file. They may or may not represent the circuit designation.

(The following rodeos are NOT included in your rodeo count unless you placed, Rodeo Count will be updated for all contestants once rodeo has been audited)

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2020 Pro Rodeo Prairie Circuit Standings
(last updated 2020-05-26)

Money Won
Rodeos Attended
1 Tamara Reinhardt (G) Canadian, TX $5,773.894
2 Ivy Hurst Springer, OK $5,281.383
3 Emily Miller Weatherford, OK $5,064.004
4 Kara Large Bromide, OK $2,491.795
5 Sadie Wolaver (R) Weatherford, OK $2,473.702
6 Molly Childers Mead, OK $1,455.123
7 Dona Kay Rule Minco, OK $1,314.682
8 Annie Hasselbalch Bennet, NE $1,018.581
9 Chelsea Moore Witchita, KS $954.574
10 Tracie Couch Fairmont, OK $827.294
11 Michelle Darling Medford, OK $662.932
12 Randee Hedrick Gainsville, MO $440.393
13 Jessica Beck Paul's Valley, OK $352.314
14 Jessie Domann (R) Gainesville, TX $275.763
15 Cierra Chapman Kiowa, OK $220.194
16 Jeanne Anderson (G) White City, KS $104.523
17 Lauren Magdeburg Roland, OK $44.032

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