Standings-Pro Rodeo Circuit

The following standings and rodeo count are unofficial and subject to audit. The hometowns listed below reflects the current mailing address on file. They may or may not represent the circuit designation.

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2021 Pro Rodeo Prairie Circuit Standings
(last updated 2021-05-03)

Money Won
Rodeos Attended
1 Dona Kay Rule Minco, OK $2,294.441
2 Emily Miller Weatherford, OK $2,211.421
3 Leslie Smalygo Skiatook, OK $1,201.841
4 Randi Holliday Chouteau, OK $873.071
5 Ari-Anna Flynn Charleston, AR $858.690
6 Taylor Reazin Peculiar, MO $630.551
7 Emma Charleston Reeds, MO $388.031
8 Tana Poppino (G) Big Cabin, OK $333.940
9 Ivy Hurst Springer, OK $207.270
10 Paige Jones Wayne, OK $194.011
11 Korrina Hughes Glenwood, IA $190.820
12 Amy Riley Springer, OK $143.120
13 Lindsey McLeod Lane, OK $97.001