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2021 Rookie Standings
(last updated 2021-04-19)

Money Won
Rodeos Attended
1 Kylee Scribner (R) Azle, TX $5,429.8223
2 Steely Steiner (R) Weatherford, TX $3,381.9210
3 Katie Jo Halbert (R) Port Lavaca, TX $3,228.2715
4 Ashley St Pierre Rogers (R) Folsom, LA $2,736.878
5 Anna Jorgenson (R) Hudson, CO $2,253.6415
6 Krystal Grad (R) Gravelbourg, SK $2,087.991
7 Cassidy Champlin (R) Pilot Point, TX $1,907.4117
8 Kate Nicholson (R) Lawrence, MS $1,319.9410
9 Kindyl Scruggs (R) Southhaven, MS $982.713
10 Haley Huls (R) Lennox, SD $878.703
11 Timber Allenbrand (R) Paola, KS $869.1413
12 Emilee Pauley (R) Wall, SD $850.233
13 Doskie Edwards (R) Casa Grande, AZ $606.772
14 Austyn Tobey (R) Bemidji, MN $457.644
15 Martha Smith (R) Lipan, TX $386.5214
16 Bristan Kennedy (R) Levelland, TX $376.093
17 Alex Dollar (R) Florence, AL $356.615
18 Kaitlin Schuck (R) Wickenburg, AZ $182.036
19 Shanena Saylor (R) Walkerton, IN $141.4711
20 Kay Cochran (R) Lipon, TX $18.862