World FinalsWorld Finals

Congratulations to the 2017 WPRA World Champions!

To see full results from the 2017 WPRA World Finals click here.

Laney Robinson2017 Junior World Champion

Laney Robinson
2017 Junior World Champion

Sharin Hall & Dreaming of Foose2017 Futurity 1D

Sharin Hall & Dreaming of Foose
2017 Futurity 1D

Lolita Long & Jagerita Lita2017 Futurity 2D

Lolita Long & Jagerita Lita
2017 Futurity 2D

Hillary Van Gerpen & Three Tymes A Lady2017 Derby

Hillary Van Gerpen & Three Tymes A Lady
2017 Derby


Kelsie Chase2017 Breakaway RopingAll Around World

Kelsie Chase
2017 Breakaway Roping
All Around World

Kari Nixon2017 Tie-Down Roping

Kari Nixon
2017 Tie-Down Roping

Hope Thompson2017 Team Roping HeaderWhitney DeSalvoTeam Roping Heeler

Hope Thompson
2017 Team Roping Header

Whitney DeSalvo
Team Roping Heeler