NFRWrangler Network Tour Message


Attention WPRA Members:

As the season is winding down there are still opportunities to gain valuable Tour points on the Wrangler Network Tour and share in a piece of the bonus money that will be paid out following the WPRA World Finals in Waco, Texas, Oct. 24-27.

The Wrangler Network Tour, a new opportunity in 2019, features 18 barrel racing events and 6 breakaway roping events. A total of $34,000 is currently up for grabs in the barrel racing division paying eight places in the final Tour standings with the winner receiving $10,000. The breakaway roping features $15,000 in new bonus money paying five places with the top point earner receiving $5,000.

There are still great opportunities to gain points especially for breakaway ropers with four of the six events still remaining on the schedule. The next opportunity for barrel racers and breakaway ropers is this upcoming weekend at the Horse Heaven Round-Up in Kennewick, Wash. (Aug. 20-24) followed by the Ellensburg (Wash.) Rodeo, Pendleton (Ore.) Round-Up and the WPRA World Finals.

Each of these events will be live streamed on Wrangler Network. World champions Nellie Miller and Hailey Kinsel currently lead the barrel racing Wrangler Network Tour standings with 1,030 points and 960, respectively. Jessie Telford , Shali Lord and Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi round at the top 5 as of August 14. On the roping side, Noel Hannon leads the way with 105 points, with Katie Rice and Jane Wood second and third with 85 and 80 points respectively.

A full explanation of the format and schedule of events remaining can be found below.

Format: Points earned at each Wrangler Network WPRA approved live streamed rodeo will count for the Wrangler year-end bonus money. Points to be awarded based off the official results.

Point distribution will be as follows for each round and average:

If payout is 4 places = 1st = 40 points, 2nd = 30 points, 3rd = 20 points and 4th = 10 points

If payout is 8 places = 1st = 80, 2nd = 70, 3rd = 60, down to 8th = 10

If payout is 10 places = 1st = 100, 2nd=90, 3rd = 80 – down to 10th = 10

Following the final stop on the 2019 Wrangler Network Tour schedule the top eight point earners will receive bonus checks according to the following breakdown:


Barrel Racing Distribution Breakaway Roping Distribution
1st = $10,000 1st = $5,000
2nd = $7,500 2nd = $4,000
3rd = $5,000 3rd = $3,000
4th  = $4,000 4th = $2,000
5th = $3,000 5th = $1,000
6th = $2,000  
7th = $1,500  
8th = $1,000  
Total = $34,000 Total= $15,000


2019 Wrangler Network Tour Schedule

*Horse Heaven Round-Up (Kennewick, Wash.) – Aug. 20 – 24

*Ellensburg (Wash.) Rodeo – Aug. 30 – Sept. 2

*Pendleton (Ore.) Round-Up – Sept. 7 – 14

*WPRA World Finals – Oct. 24-27

*Denotes the events with WPRA approved breakaway roping

For more information on the Wrangler Network Tour visit www.wpra.com and to catch the free live stream these events visit www.wranglernetwork.com.

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