Futurity/Derby Program

Futurity/Derby forms are available below. These PDFs make it easy to print your nomination and mail or fax it directly to the WPRA. Just open the PDF and print it.

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pdfFuturity/Derby Program FAQ
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General Information

It is important to read all the Futurity/Derby Division rules found in the WPRA Rule Book. The rules pertaining to Futurity/Derby begin on page 157 of the WPRA Rule Book.

The Futurity/Derby season is November 15-September 30. The cut-off for nominations is September 30 of each season.

Futurity/Derby Producer Information
1.1.1. Any member with a current WPRA Card, Permit, or Junior in good standing is eligible to compete in the WPRA Futurity and Derby events.
1.1.3. All Futurity entries must be horses 5 years old and younger. Horse may have never competed for money, prizes or points any time before Nov. 15 of previous year. Futurity horses have one (1), year of eligibility.
1.1.4. All Derby entries must be horses 7 years old and younger, as long as they did not compete in futurities as a 4 year old. (If competed in futurity as a 4 year old, then cutoff age for derby horse is 6 years old.) Derby horses have two (2) years of eligibility, either as a five (5) and six (6) year old or as a Six (6) and seven (7) year old, depending upon the horses age as a futurity horse.
1.1.5. All Futurities will be a 2D format with a 1-second split in the go rounds only. If Futurity is not a 2D it will be treated as a 2D by the WPRA and points will be allotted as set forth in the point guideline. All Derbies will be a 1D format.
1.1.6. Members may roll their futurity and derby times over into a non-sanctioned open or “D” race as long as the futurity and derby are run prior to the open or “D” race that they are rolling their time into.

Futurity/Derby Nomination Rules
• All Futurity and Derby horses must be nominated into the program.
• To nominate a horse you must send in a photo of your horse, copy of registration papers (or vet affidavit as to age) and a signed nomination form (found on website) to the WPRA office.
• There are no qualification requirements to enter the futurity or derby at the WPRA World Finals. However all riders must be a WPRA member to compete and all horses must be nominated.


Futurity/Derby Program Nominations

Updated 4/3/2023

Nomination Firstname Lastname Registeredname Sire Dam
Derby Kimmi Byler Adios Muchachas A Streak Of Fling Famous Moon Cheyn
Derby Ashley Day ArmedNFamous Dash Ta Fame Queen of Bullets
Derby Laci Brunnelle BugsFamousFirewater Famous Bugs TJO Sippin Firewater
Derby Kristen Spence Cat Man 073 Cats Highlight Just A British Lena
Derby Margaret Jones CD Shaking The Coin Guys Pocket Coin ShakeItOutShiney
Derby Rylee Shields Cheyenne Fab Frenchmans Fabulous Cheyenne PerkaBoo
Derby Shelley Holman Cimarron Lane Tafame The Goodbye Lane Silver Shu Shine
Derby Kay Blandford Coats Smooth Honor A Smooth Guy Fire N Honor
Derby Laci Brunnelle Dash To Dr Nicky Dash Ta fAME Dr Nickis Pleasure
Derby Margaret Jones DoubleDownOnThisGuy Frenchmans Guy Kwynns Dash
Derby Josie Adkins DR Slick Bar Slick By Design Kit Kat Nick Bar
Derby Ashton Padon EZ Eline Guys Easy Jet Queen of Denial
Derby Tia Moore Fames French Moon Vanilla Viper Obrien Lady Bug
Derby Madison Bean Famous Georges Speed UR One Famous Rebel Shuanas Speed
Derby Margo Thomas Famous Gold Buckle French Too Fame Oh Maggie Jo
Derby Taylor Souza Fast Fire Wagon I’m Alive Firewater Aflack Black
Derby Kelcey McNamee Fiesta Got Feelins Fiestas Dynasty Frosty Feelins
Derby Alexis Mayo Firewater Attraction Im Flittin To Split Ms Moxie Attraction
Derby Becca Gilley FM Fast Burning Fuse CM Dynamite Frost Bacardi Bubbles
Derby Ashley Schafer French Streakof Fame Streakin Boon Dox Famed French Kiss
Derby Chelsie Shoop Frenchmansfeatureoak Frenchmans Feature Olympic Oak
Derby Shelby Bates Guys Double Shot Frenchmans Guy Mocha Latte
Derby Sharin Hall Hello Stella The Goodbye Lane Go Go Fame
Derby Kalie Anderson Hooked On Famous Famous Bugs Hooked On Frenchmen
Derby Ashley Peterson Im Goin For Broke Aint Seen  Nothin Yet Dash Of Perks
Derby Jackie Jatzlau Jack Fame Dash Ta Fame Hanks Nonstop Faith
Derby Megan Albrecht JD Leo Wyatt Leo Sign Of Luck
Derby Kimberly Nass Jessa Jigawatt Frenchmans Chico Jessa Blue Eyed Gal
Derby Lauren Athmann JL Rocochet JL Sirocco French Pistol Anie
Derby Charleen Ornellas Johns Gotta Streaker Streaking Ta Fame Johnnie Lightening
Derby Ashley Schafer Judges Heartbreaker Judge Cash Frenchmans Perkette
Derby Kathy Grimes KG Blazin Cash Judge Cash KG Blazin Nine Oh
Derby Kathy Grimes KG Jukebox Hero Blazin Jetolena KG Justiceweexpected
Derby Kathy Grimes KG Justiceslick Slick By Design KG JusticeWeExpected
Derby Kathy Grimes KG WhatDiduExpect Judge Cash Do It For Beau
Derby Emma Charleston KN Born Alil French French Streaktovegas KN Born This Way
Derby Hilary Hilzendeger Lion Bout Smokin Lions Share Of Fame Sparkle N Daisey Duke
Derby Vanda Chess Look of Dryfire PG Dry Fire Look At Biankus
Derby Makayla Maddie Magnolias On Fire Be A Magnolia Runner Fire Water Fetish
Derby Leigh Anne Robertson Marthas Miracle AP Six Frosted Moons My Miracle Fortune
Derby Leslie Shepard Matana Fame Black Gold Fame Matana
Derby Kate Swett Mattel Epic Leader Barbi Bugs
Derby Alanna Bobsin Metallic Maeden Metallic Cat Miss Colonels Prize
Derby Viki Friedrich Midnight Son Dash Ta Fame MP FriendsNeverDrift
Derby Jenna Marie Moore Mission Affirmed Prized Wagon Affirmedbasket
Derby Julie Erkamaa Packin Ta Fly Bye Ya French Streakin Jess Packin Ta Fame
Derby Sonia Gorrell Paddys Fame Dash Ta Fame Doc O Whiskey
Derby Cadyn Nelson Paint Me A Mission Guy On A Mission Cany Coated Paint
Derby Kimmi Byler Prison Break Pilsner FDD Dynasty Lady Knockout
Derby Lynette Beckman PYC Eyesgoinwest Wagons West What An Eye Opener
Derby Alexis Mayo Rips Peppy Moon Ripalena TMS Dark Moon
Derby Casey Varpness SC Dont Judge Me Judge Cash Tayter To The Top
Derby C.J. Vondette Shake That Firewater Firewater Canyon La Mestena
Derby Michele Gannon Sizzlin Kyeboy Sizzlin Cartel Gold Demin
Derby Carley Cervi Slym Shady Frenchmans Fabulous SF Tiny Bit Of Fame
Derby Margaret Jones Smooth Money Raider A Smooth Guy Rare Red Raider
Derby Steely Steiner Smooth N Speedy Guy A Smooth Guy Patience N Speed
Derby Jamie Harris Sparkin Ta Fame Dash Ta Fame Shinning Gold Cody
Derby Ashley Schafer Swoon Ta Be Famous Dash Ta Fame Guys Tots N Fries
Derby Dena Milner Tat Two Lions Share Of Fame Dun Gone Mama
Derby Ashton Padon Tex Walka Slick by Design Rene to Run
Derby Shyann Lucas The Final Judgement Dash Ta Fame Judge Me Rapid
Derby Hailey Kinsel TR Judges Doll Judges Cash TR Dashing Badger
Derby Julie Erkamaa Transcending Ta Fame BHR Frenchies Socks Packin Ta Fame
Derby C.J. Vondette Treasured Brave Zippy Zevi Dasher Kates Indian Treasure
Derby Shelly Shields Tres French Kiss Tres Fortunes JHB Gold Jet
Derby Brandee Wardell Trust Your Journey Darkelly CM Bubblin Dynamite
Derby Jolene Hambley Unn Break Able Frenchmans Fabulous Brimmer Run
Derby Jessica Miller UR Famous In Red Dash Ta Fame Denas Dividend
Derby Julie Erkamaa VF Bull Stinson Eddie Stinson Natural Lady Bullion
Derby Hailey Kinsel VQ Nonstop Stinson Eddie Stinson Honow This Nonstop
Derby Noel Cosca Wood Get The Cash Buzz Word Cashy Driftwood
Derby Corenne Duba WoodBStreakingLize Woodbridge Shootin Tootin Party
Derby Becca Gilley WPH Buzzed Up Latte Guys Dash A Latte Bonnies Buzz
Derby Billie Ann Harmon Zero Judgement Judge Cash Zeros Sassy Sugar
Futurity Ashley Peterson Aint Seen A Love Man Aint Seen Nothin Yet Love Mans Darling
Futurity Molly Otto Blink And Miss Me Shawne Bug Leo Blinking Ta Fame
Futurity Cadyn Nelson Bring Back My Vodka Triple Vodka Dr Runaway Bride
Futurity Sharin Hall Bulleve Ima Foose Foose Bulleva
Futurity Kim Sanford Canyon Talk Firewater Canyon Flibberty Gibbet
Futurity Vanda Chess Cee Hick Smokum Cee Mr Hickory Nu Prize
Futurity Jackie Whitcher Chasin LBJ Tres Seis Last Version
Futurity Alanna Bobsin Clays Dog War Bird Dog WRS Clays Cat
Futurity Brandee Wardell CM Dancin Ta Fame Bubblin Ta Fame Dance N Go
Futurity Mikala Nealy CM Driftin To Fame French Too Fame Cm First DownDrifter
Futurity Mikala Nealy CM Miss Frenchy Wood French Too Fame Mittens FairDrift
Futurity Brandilyn Dosch Cowgirl Candor Keyhole Quick To Cow More Than A Lady 04
Futurity Donna Heinen DH Won Tago Streak A Streak Of Fling CP Hoot Ta Boot
Futurity Conny Winkers DHR Fire Up Perks Oh Whatta Boy DHR All Fired Up
Futurity Margaret Jones Diamonds And Twine Casino Heist Famous Two Below
Futurity Darcee  Shepherd EveryBunnyLovsDough Silver N Dough Sister Sophronia
Futurity Emily Griffin Fames Fancy Firefly NotEvenIfTheresAFire Fancy Dashing Chic
Futurity Charleen Ornellas Famous Blue Oceans TKW Runaway Fame ThreeTimesTheMoney
Futurity Emily Griffin Famous Flittn Kitten NotEvenIfTheresAFire Nu Smokin Cat
Futurity Karen Gleason Famous Libby JD Look Famous Lily
Futurity Kalie Anderson FireballMakesMeHappy FirewaterOnTheRocks Prima Fire
Futurity Anna Pollard Folling Around Blazin Jetolina Fols Dream of Cash
Futurity Torrie Edge Francy N Famous Dash Ta Fame Fancy Streak
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger French Off Ima  Angel Ima Talented Guy Miss Risen Shine
Futurity Sara Pringle FrenchmansWickedSide Frenchmans Six Dash The Wicked Side
Futurity Shyann Lucas Frisky Fresca Mr Sassy Frenchman A Tiny Bit More
Futurity Brandee Wardell FrostysKandyman The Kandyman Frosty Bar Drift
Futurity Cadyn Nelson Furiousity Fury Of The Wind Six It Up
Futurity Tonya Burchard GQH Voodoo Firewater Caliente Firewater An Easy Affair
Futurity Hailey Thompson High Five Chick Five Bar Cartel Political Chick
Futurity Haley Huls High Illumination TR Illuminator Cash BW OnA Dash
Futurity Kaylee Kobie Hot Pursuit Of Fame Royal and Famous Otoe Hot
Futurity Noel Cosca Howie Driftin TomGrl Exclusive Red man Cashy Driftwood
Futurity Heidi Gunderson JD Jackson Kandyman The Kandyman Frenchmans Azalea
Futurity Stephanie Newman Jess Surpize Me French Streakin Jess Frenchman Veronica
Futurity Brandee Wardell JL Roc Of Ages JL Siracco Quint Glory
Futurity Lisa Heiser JL Twist Of Red JL Reddt To Charm JL Twisted Sister
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger Judge The Dox Sev Judge Cash PC SunOrthodox
Futurity Erin Williams JustAnuther Goodbye The Goodbye Lane JustAnuthrStylishWon
Futurity Kay Blandford KB Callin All Angels Darkelly Talents Dark Angel
Futurity Viki Friedrich KG DontBLeveMeJusWach A Streak Of Fling KG JusticeWeExpected
Futurity Calley Geigle Lead Me Thru Fire Firewater Canyon She Special Leader
Futurity Robin Cary Lenas Oceans Of Fame TKW Runaway Fame Chicks Beduinolena
Futurity Monica Gillespie Littel Fame N Money Streaking Ta Fame DHR Littel Red Rene
Futurity Abi Price LL Sister Christian Jocker Tux B2B Three Spot Soapy
Futurity Karen Gleason Look Batman JD Look Buckys Star Cash
Futurity Patti Hovland MakinNickFamous Manors Nick Bae Sheza Famous Bugs
Futurity Amanda Radford Maximus Fooler Firewater Fooler Famous Frenchie
Futurity Jamie Harris Mi Amore Ta Fame Johm Fame Me Shawas Tru Luv
Futurity Sharin Hall Mirakul Dash Ta Fame Dreaming Of Foose
Futurity Julie Martindale Mitty Perks Lil Bo Perks Fannys Cash Master
Futurity Carly Rudd No Pressure On Fame John Fame LF The Rico Princess
Futurity Lyndee Stairs Otro Bada Boom Otro Fracaso Smash Bada Boom
Futurity Sonia Gorrell Partons My French First Down French Presure Points
Futurity Alanna Bobsin Plain Radio Flyer Bet Hesa Cat Plain Baby Plain
Futurity Sonia Gorrell Presure Lane The Goodbye Lane Presure Points
Futurity Cayla Small RDCEyemaDashurBugOff Dash Ta Fame Eyema Rare Bug
Futurity Billie Ann Harmon Reign Of Hoaxes Shawne Bug Leo Reign Girl
Futurity Lenna Peterson Reigning At The Bar BP Phoenix Reign Rare Berry
Futurity Fonda Melby RF Bugin For Cookies Famous Bugs Frosted Cookies
Futurity Ashley Day Rockin Stilettos JL Sirocco Queen Of Bullets
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger Sadie Jess Confess French Streakin Jess Leal Little Frosty
Futurity Kalie Anderson Screwdriver FirewaterOnTheRocks Dash Ta Vanila
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger Sevs One Slick Chick Slick By Design Moe Buzz
Futurity Shelby Bates SH Famously Smooth A Smooth Guy TS Up N Famous
Futurity Brandee Wardell Simply High Simply Famous Rare High
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger SL Avada Kedavra Dot Com Guy JKR Rockets Dash
Futurity Megan Albrecht Slick Silk Slick By Design A Touch Of Silk
Futurity Bethany Oland Smooth Irish Pepper A Smooth Guy Paddys Little Pepper
Futurity Shyann Lucas Smooth N Silky A Smooth Guy Heart Driven
Futurity Kimberly Nass So Corona Then Gin Mister Fulton Special French Girl
Futurity Kristi Cole So Tres Mojitos Frenchmans Chico Birdie 123
Futurity Allie Jordan Speedy Lena Special Ima Special KindaGuy A Speedy Lena
Futurity Allie Jordan SR Otta Boot Ya Root Beer Boots KR Ought Six
Futurity Heidi Gunderson Streak Of FrostNFame A Dash Ta Streak Wilys Lil Sunfrost
Futurity Kathy Grimes Streakin Justice A Streak Of Fling KG JusticeWeExpected
Futurity Kelly Cook Streakin Lil Hayday Streakin Boon Dox Lil French Angel
Futurity Conny Winkers Streakin Red Bay Bug Streakin Lil Wayne Red Bay Cat
Futurity Cindy Sipe Sun Frost Biscuit MP Jet to the sun Lilys Nosey Rodey
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger The Darkside Ta Fame Darkelly Shez Firen Ta Fame
Futurity Martha Wright Traffic Fame Traffic Guy EMW Coco Fame
Futurity Peyton Kadeg VS Ikes Holy Cowan  LMP Vaquero Ike YO Holly Socks Frost
Futurity Shelby Swayne Watered Down NNN Firewater Alive Miss Corona Light
Futurity C.J. Vondette Zsa Zsa Zippy Zevi Dasher Whatevers Magic

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