Futurity/Derby Program

Futurity/Derby forms are available below. These PDFs make it easy to print your nomination and mail or fax it directly to the WPRA. Just open the PDF and print it.

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pdfFuturity/Derby Program FAQ
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General Information

It is important to read all the Futurity/Derby Division rules found in the WPRA Rule Book. The rules pertaining to Futurity/Derby begin on page 157 of the WPRA Rule Book.

The Futurity/Derby season is November 15-September 30. The cut-off for nominations is September 30 of each season.

Futurity/Derby Producer Information
1.1.1. Any member with a current WPRA Card, Permit, or Junior in good standing is eligible to compete in the WPRA Futurity and Derby events.
1.1.3. All Futurity entries must be horses 5 years old and younger. Horse may have never competed for money, prizes or points any time before Nov. 15 of previous year. Futurity horses have one (1), year of eligibility.
1.1.4. All Derby entries must be horses 7 years old and younger, as long as they did not compete in futurities as a 4 year old. (If competed in futurity as a 4 year old, then cutoff age for derby horse is 6 years old.) Derby horses have two (2) years of eligibility, either as a five (5) and six (6) year old or as a Six (6) and seven (7) year old, depending upon the horses age as a futurity horse.
1.1.5. All Futurities will be a 2D format with a 1-second split in the go rounds only. If Futurity is not a 2D it will be treated as a 2D by the WPRA and points will be allotted as set forth in the point guideline. All Derbies will be a 1D format.
1.1.6. Members may roll their futurity and derby times over into a non-sanctioned open or “D” race as long as the futurity and derby are run prior to the open or “D” race that they are rolling their time into.

Futurity/Derby Nomination Rules
• All Futurity and Derby horses must be nominated into the program.
• To nominate a horse you must send in a photo of your horse, copy of registration papers (or vet affidavit as to age) and a signed nomination form (found on website) to the WPRA office.
• There are no qualification requirements to enter the futurity or derby at the WPRA World Finals. However all riders must be a WPRA member to compete and all horses must be nominated.


Futurity/Derby Program Nominations

Updated 4/27/2022

Nomination First Name Last Name Registered Name Sire Dam
Derby Vanda Chess Blazing Cake Blazin Jetolena DTF Puddin Cake
Derby Kylie O’Neal Bullyzdashofdynamite Dashin Dynamo Reardrive
Derby Shelley Holman Cimarron Lane Tafame The Goodbye Lane Silver Shu Shine
Derby Joely Williamson CP Nyko Darkelly Buginout
Derby Sherry Wyffels Dottys Blazin Honor Blazin Jetolena Running Speeder
Derby Margaret Jones DOUBLEDOWNONTHISGUY Frenchmans Guy Kwynns Dash
Derby Lenna Peterson DTF Peponi Dash Ta Fame Bright Flags
Derby Traci Pratt Dukes First Dash Shining First Dash Dicey Riley
Derby Vonnie Nunes Einsteins Boomerilla Einsteins Revolution Angierilla Boom
Derby Cheyenne Hattesen Fairlea Mr Elwood Silver Gun Fairlea Swiss Miss
Derby Melinda Durrance Fames My Middle Name A Streak of Fame New Pale of Cash
Derby Cheri Kelly Fire N Charmer Famous Charmer MFR Fire N Mercedes
Derby Jan Reis FirewaterontheMoons FirewaterontheRocks Racine Belle
Derby Ashley Day Flash N Dynamite First Moonflash Ima Dyno Doc Tari
Derby Becca Gilley FM Fast Burning Fuse CM Dynamite Frost Bacardi Bubbles
Derby Sharon Ann Munn French Babalulu Ante Up Guy Bully Babalu
Derby Charity Seeger Frenchs Hula Fame Frenchs Hula Guy Special Peace Keeper
Derby Calley Geigle Guys French Lily Frenchmans Guy JRT Lilys Cash
Derby Sharin Hall Hello Stella The Goodbye Lane Go Go Fame
Derby Brandee Wardell I Lika Guy A Smooth Guy I Jess Lika
Derby Randee Hedrick Ima Dashin Guy A Smooth Guy Dashin Julene
Derby Ashley  Nelson JoJo Wild Wilds My thing Trulena Light
Derby Kathy Grimes KG Juststealingcash Judge Cash Do It For Beau
Derby Kathy Grimes KG WhatDiduExpect Judge Cash Do It For Beau
Derby Kendra McLaughlin KKP STAR AR Star Rakin in Class
Derby Monica Jenson KS Shez Taboo Spun It N Dun It PC Sista Oaks
Derby Kristine Nolan LC Wily Miss Leo 269 Go Dash Leo Hancock LC Wily Miss Leo 106
Derby Jessica Miller LJ Royal Quick Dash LJ Dashing Dune LJ Royal Quik Runner
Derby Sherry Wyffels Maverick Ta Fame Holy Bart Dudes First Gal
Derby Becca Gilley My Vegas Phling French StreakToVegas Jerrys TP Seepai BB
Derby Maren Powers Phrozen Phame Bullys Primetimediva
Derby Kayellyn Haug Pie Island XX CrownRoyal Frenchman Sheza Mega Pie
Derby Ashley Day Pipers Design Slick By Design Bucks For Bullet
Derby Rachael Arnold Reeces Peanut Butter Cashinove Countdown Buttercup Brown
Derby Fonda  Melby RF Back For The Cash Judge Cash RC Back In Black
Derby Casey Varpness SC Dont Judge Me Judge Cash Tayter To The Top
Derby Amy Freeman Sea U In Vegas French StreaktoVegas Sea Dat Lady
Derby Camrin Sellers Seven S Cowgirlsrock Rockin W Seven S Docs Cowgirl
Derby Sherry Wyffels Shootm Up Bartender Holy Bart Lil Mattie
Derby Margaret Jones Smooth Operraider A Smooth Guy Rare Red Raider
Derby Tracy Orr SS Dees Secret Fling A Streak of Fling Dees Blonde Girl
Derby Sheryl Gamboa Starrin Baby Rose JL Dash Ta Heaven Buggin Me Baby
Derby Karen Gleason Streak Ta Fling A Streak of Fling Daves Jet Ta Fame
Derby Ashley Day Streakin Bullets A Dash Ta Streak Queen of Bullets
Derby Kim Keith Toast To Breezy Toast To Dash Be A Smokin Bug
Derby Jessica Miller UR Famous In Red Dash Ta Fame Denas Dividend
Derby Jessica Miller UR Girls Need Money Dash Ta Fame Denas Dividend
Derby Payton Jacques Watch Out Or Elsa Ocean Runaway Six It Up
Derby Noel Cosca Wood Get The Cash Buzz Word Cashy Driftwood
Futurity Karen Gleason A Dandy Guy A Smooth Guy Bald Ridge
Futurity Margaret Jones A Smooth Way Ta Fame A Smooth Guy Fame N Money
Futurity Ashley Day ArmedNFamous Dash Ta Fame Queen of Bullets
Futurity Shelley Holman Blazin Rockstar JL Sirocco Blazin Chili Boys
Futurity Kasey Hanus Cash In On This Guy Tuff Nuff Guy Toast To Betsy
Futurity Linda Lynch CEA Joyful Heart Heart of the Cartel Scattitude
Futurity Kristen Meyer Cisco Miss Colonel PC Cisco Frost Colonels Annewood
Futurity Brandee Wardell Classic Nonstop Nonstop Firewater Poetry in Motion
Futurity Kris Hanson CM Nitro by Design C Nonstop Nitro KB Angel by Design
Futurity Deb Christy Cracker Jack Judge Judge Cash Dash This Way
Futurity Alana Willumsen DJ Smart Peppy Boon DJ High Brow Boon Smart Like Linda
Futurity Teegan Thompson Dudes Frenchmanchamp PC Frenchmans Mark Dudes First Gal
Futurity Kristen Meyer Evening Fire Dash Ta Traffic Harriets On Fire
Futurity Rachel Dura FamesFrench Alison Fames French Ryan MS Kid Dee Dial
Futurity Heidi Gunderson Famous Kay Ann Fames French Ryan Beau’s Regal Gal 99
Futurity Brandee Wardell Firewater Jo Firewater Frenchman Jolan
Futurity Jolene Hambley Flits Reba Firewater Frost Bradys Miss Bert
Futurity Madison Keller Frenchman’s Beau First Down French Burrs Kita
Futurity Ashley  Nelson Frenchmans Firstlite Frenchmans Boogie DualatFirstLite
Futurity Kaillee Hamre Frosted Lil Bug Fortune N Frost Minabug
Futurity Colleen Vondra Gold Sky Guy Silverado Guy Sky Perks
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger Hells Hot Firewater Firewater Finale My My Mia Marita
Futurity Wendy Platts Hez Famous Guyz Frenchmans Guy Disarray
Futurity Haley Huls Hez ona High Streak French StreakToVegas BW Ona Dash
Futurity Heidi Hoffelt HH Illuminating Sapphire N/A Rose by Illuminator
Futurity Brandee Wardell HickoryDickoryTalent Prime Talent Sonitahick
Futurity Sadie Dale High Dasher Jess Four Six Jess High Dasher Kirk
Futurity Charity Seeger Hulas Frenchin Gal Frenchs Hula Guy Special Peace Keeper
Futurity Heidi Gunderson Inherit The Judge Judge Cash Inherit The Win
Futurity Teresa Peterson Jess Delete It Jess Jones Teller Im Out
Futurity Becky Pearson Jets Honored Cash Hot MR Perfect Wego Honor Jet
Futurity Camrin Sellers KF Jessies Advice Best Advice KF Jessies Marilyn
Futurity Kathy Grimes KG Jukebox Hero Blazin Jetolena KG Justiceweexpected
Futurity Dusdee Shepperson LC Vegas Showgirl French StreakToVegas Go For Gas
Futurity Susie Luschar Leos Smart Star Sun Doc Leo Smart Little Ronda
Futurity Vanda Chess Look of Dryfire PG Dry Fire Look At Biankus
Futurity Payton Jacques Madison Famous Destiny Dashing Move Fame Stief S Madison
Futurity Jenna Rolland Mighty Valiant Judge Mighty B Valiant Whos My Momma
Futurity Heidi Gunderson MPJ Perks Ofben Fab Frenchmans Fabulous Cheyenne Perkaboo
Futurity Heidi Gunderson Nacho Nacho Man More Nachos San Bar Ruler
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger Perky Lills Perks Alive Lillys Echo
Futurity Becky Nix PT Credit My Fame DTF Dauntless Chick Sweet Flo N Cash
Futurity Melinda Durrance Rockztar Chics Red Feather Bubblin Blitz
Futurity Monica Jenson Shakem Ken Doll Shakem Dancer Junipers Dandy Doll
Futurity Jan Duquette Shawne Bugs Smart Shawne Bug Leo Smart N Classy Reba
Futurity Hilary Hilzendeger Shawne Firewater FireWaterOnTheRocks DC Patti Cat
Futurity Lenna Peterson Shes Slick and Quick Slick By Design Map Filly Eleven
Futurity Camrin Sellers Sies Figures Tres Seis Jess A Dream
Futurity Becca Gilley Smooth As Champagne A Smooth Guy Smashed Champagne
Futurity Margaret Jones Smooth Money Raider A Smooth Guy Rare Red Raider
Futurity Kaillee Hamre Speedys Special Lady Got Caught Speedin Perks Special Lady
Futurity Colleen Vondra SR French Fire Water Frenchmans Royal CJ SR Firewater Girl
Futurity Ashley Mosier SS Flirtn with Fling A Streak of Fling Dees Blonde Girl
Futurity Jan Duquette Stoli My Chic Stoli My Heart One Classy Chic
Futurity Alana Willumsen Streaking Savannah Streak of Moon BRZ Barefoot N Buckwild
Futurity Heidi Gunderson TC Same As Fame JL Sirocco IL Volo
Futurity Beth Leabo The Real Slick Shady Slick By Design Starry Pie Dash
Futurity Brandee Wardell TS Gabs Fab Farewell Frenchmans Fabulous Dashing To Fame
Futurity Calley Geigle Twice the Heist Casino Heist SLR Nick of Time
Futurity Jolene Hambley Unn Break Able Frenchmans Fabulous Brimmer Run
Futurity Ashley Larson UWRF Chromedoutskeet Skeets Peppy Jewels N Chrome
Futurity Kathy Van’t Hul Vanila Ice Vanila Viper Racin Thru Fire
Futurity Jody Hale VF Next Great Lover Born Ta Be Famous Next Great Love
Futurity Heidi Gunderson Yellowstone Guy Ima Special Kindaguy Briscos Angel
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